feeder sound exclusive premiere: Direkt - Hidden [Vivus Records]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Direkt – Hidden [Vivus Records]

Vivus Records returns with another hot pressing in the VRV vinyl-only series, this time with a strong release signed by Direkt, a young emerging talent from the Romanian underground scene. Titled “AM Shift EP”, the 12” features four deep and groovy tracks that already enjoy support from the likes of RQZ, Giuliano Lomonte, Priku, Arapu and Vlad Caia.

Founded in 2016 by Tobi More and Daniel Broesecke, the German label dispatches quality digital works, podcasts and 12” materials coming from artists such as Josh Wicks, RowlanzLaboratori OTK and Silat Beksi. Andrei Popa aka Direkt joins in and adds his own delightful sound to the catalogue. Known for his collaborations with Botanic Minds, Questionmark Records, Algorhythmic, Hoxton Records, Yoruba Grooves and Vandalism Musique, he brings forward a distinct blend of house, techno and minimal.

We’re more than happy to premiere B2. “Hidden”, a smooth conclusion for an amazing EP. Listen to the full-length track exclusively on feeder sound:

The journey starts on a relaxed note but steadily reveals more and more patterns and melodies. The synth notes merge with deep background pads while the percussion flows with balance, providing a dreamy yet dynamic atmosphere. The cut closes the EP, a true statement of intent from the artist.

The title track “AM Shift” kicks things off with a strong minimalistic rhythm, perfect to start your early morning shift at an afterparty. The percussion and the bassline are in focus here, spinning in a hypnotic sequence while quirky effects add to the whole. Next, there’s “Untitled”, with ever-evolving layers of drumming, distinct noises and pads that swirl along as the track plays. The feeling is passed to Side B, where “Modularps” follows the direction but goes deeper so expect to find yourself lost in a spacious and magical realm of subtle reverberating sounds.

Grab your copy of AM Shift EP on deejay.de.


Artist: Direkt
Title: B2. Hidden / AM Shift EP
Label: Vivus Records
Cat. No.: VRV006
Release date: 30.07.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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