Unknown Artist – Napule / Buen Ayre EP [Micro Orbit Records]

Unknown Artist - Napule Buen Ayre EP [Micro Orbit Records] front

Unknown Artist – Napule / Buen Ayre EP [Micro Orbit Records]

Micro Orbit Records returns with its second wax, providing a unique and exotic minimalistic sound with two amazing tracks titled “Napule” and “Buen Ayre”. Hiding behind the Unknown Artist alias, label founder Zenk explores a new kind of electronic dance music on this EP, elegantly blending minimal techno patterns with world music. The 12” already enjoys massive support, being played by artists like Teluric, Herck, Lizz, Cosmjn and DraguteskuDudley Strangeways also included one of the tracks in his recent podcast for the feeder sound series, so stay sharp and expect more!

Based in Milan, Italy, Zenk is a multidisciplinary artist involved in music production, Dj-ing and graphic design. Aside from his release with Sobriquet Records, the first EP he published through Micro Orbit included a collaboration with La Sabbia, a jazz collective from his hometown, bringing forward a distinct sound. This approach is felt on this EP as well, with “Napule” drawing influence from an ancient chant from Naples and “Buen Ayre” including samples from an old Argentinian song. The release is available only on 180gr vinyl and the pressing is limited to 300 copies, with one track to play on each side.

Below you can listen to the full-length track featured on Side B, as premiered on Recordeep:

Side A features “Napule”, a dancefloor-oriented composition based on editing a traditional song from the Naples region of Italy. The vocal cuts are modulated and mixed with a steady rhythm that features a groovy percussion and a wobbling bassline. A very intriguing cut right here! On the flipside, we find yet another pumping track in the form of “Buen Ayre”. The vocal samples merge with the traditional instruments, as well as with the modern beat, taking the journey into a lush and spacious dimension. A delightful treat for any collector or selector’s record bag!

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Grab your copy of Napule / Buen Ayre EP at deejay.de


Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Napule / Buen Ayre EP
Label: Micro Orbit Records
Cat. number: MCRB002
Release date: 01.02.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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