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contest Dragutesku - Suflet Prezent

Last updated on February 11th, 2019 at 08:05 pm

Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP [feeder sound]

UPDATE: out of 17 participants, the random.org has chosen number 15 and the luck winner is Octavian Radu! 🎉 Congratulations! Please send us an e-mail with the address where you want to receive the record.

Hello, dear feeder readers and listeners, we are happy to see you are continually feeding your curiosity and imagination with alternative news & music! As you probably noticed already, our first vinyl release is out since 21 st of January. On this occasion, we are happy to announce you that you can win a vinyl-only copy of Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP released on feeder sound + a secret gift. 🎁

To participate in the contest, we invite you to join our monthly newsletter here and leave a comment on this article describing the music produced by Dragutesku.

We select the winner by using random.org and they will be announced on Sunday at 19:00 (GMT+02:00) through an update of this article.

There are still a few copies available at deejay.de // 3345rpm.ru // technique.co.jp // juno.co.uk // redeyerecords.co.uk // Disco Più // Sihl (in-store, Zurich, Switzerland) // feeder.ro // Techno Import // Diskunion // Mitte-musik (in-store, Berlin, Germany and discogs) // Gravity records (in-store, Turin, Italy and discogs) // hhv.de // My Records (in-store, Karditsa, Greece) // freestyleonline (sold out, back order)

“Honestly and heartfelt, art ultimately means to be honest with yourself first. Then, everything flows through you without realising it, and you become an observer of what you are doing.” – Dragutesku

Artist: Dragutesku
Title: Suflet Prezent
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO001
Release date: 20.01.2019
Format: Vinyl-only



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  1. […] looking to get your hands on Suflet Prezent EP, you can always try to win one in one of our contests. The next competition is scheduled to start on Monday, the 4th of March 2019. But if you want to be […]

  2. Vadim Veberg 1 year ago

    A fairy tale without beginning and end…

  3. Maria Madi 1 year ago

    A form of magic 🔲🔊🔳

  4. Alexandr 1 year ago


  5. Alexandr 1 year ago

    Sharp and light

  6. nobnob 1 year ago

    gem! cool stuff!

  7. Bera Bianca 1 year ago


  8. Alina 1 year ago

    Music for the soul <3

  9. Ovidiu Suteu 1 year ago

    Layers of sounds that intertwine and embraces us, folding and unfolding feelings.

  10. Alfij 1 year ago


  11. Nicholas percy 1 year ago


  12. Nknwn 1 year ago

    Top quality

  13. Hechem 1 year ago

    Deeper than the deep! With a touch of melody that’s why it’s mesmerizing

  14. Jeferson Moraes Alves 1 year ago

    Wonderful bedut of feeder.ro with this magical trip of Dragutesku.
    Really a masterpiece!

  15. Jeferson Moraes Alves 1 year ago

    Wonderful debut of Feeder.ro with this masterpiece from Dragutesku!
    Suflet is a magical trip!
    I really want it in my collection!

  16. octavian radu 1 year ago

    Good sound, good music!

  17. Nicola 1 year ago


  18. Angel garcia 1 year ago

    dope ep

    • Jeferson 1 year ago

      Wonderful debut of feeder.ro with this masterpiece of Dragutesku!

  19. blacksmth 1 year ago

    it’s an awsome EP. that’s why i want it

  20. Andrei 1 year ago

    Extremely soulful 🎶

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