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Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 05:26 pm


8 years have passed by from the first release under the seminal [a:rpia:r] record label. Only 14 records and among them timeless masterpieces like Petre Inspirescu’s Intr-o Seara Organica or Thomas Melchior’s brilliant appearances.

The latest [a:rpia:r] release marks a long waited comeback from Dan Andrei, presented as 2 x 12 Inch 180 grams records. Parcul Cosmos LP is the young producer’s way of showcasing his sound, beautifully evolved nowadays to a more clear and mature form. Each of the 6 tracks touches the abstract realms of minimal techno, yet with different results: a spliff of synth pop in Saturat, a crisp bassline hidden behind the laserlight march in Fuzzy se intoarce or some electro flashbacks in Lumo.

So, if you’re into the edgy forms of house & techno released by [a:rpia:r], then Parcul Cosmos is the perfect record for you: weird groove from some robotic future 😉

You can listen to audio samples and preorder Dan Andrei – Parcul Cosmos at Mibits Record Shop


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