feeder insider w/ TC Studio [en]

feeder insider w/ TC Studio [en]


“Mystery music” is the description that you find on websites where TC Studio appear. And, indeed, the project members, Matei Tulbure and Traian Cherecheș are two discrete individuals who prefer to let the music speak for them, and TC Studio (Bucharest, Romania) is the place where they can experiment, crossing their styles. Their sound is really mysterious, a techno that transcends genres and uses intriguing samples, creating an atmosphere that is often reflected in the title. I spoke with them about their vinyl releases, read on for this week’s insider.

Keywords: techno, mystery, team, playground, art

Hello, TC Studio!
Here’s what feeder wants to know about you:
(please, fill in the blanks)

It’s always a good idea to… search.
I love hearing… the city.
When I want to create… I don’t set out doing it.
I can’t refuse a portion of… spring rolls.
A place where I always feel better… on the slope.
Digital and analog… complete each other.
My favorite instrument is… the piano.
The mood that inspires me is… melancholy.

Ana Moca-Grama: TC Studio started in 2010, as your playground where you cross roads, but you knew each other since 2005, from what I read. What have you done during those 5 years? What is your musical background?
TC Studio: In this period we both finished studies, Traian: Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department and I finished the Academy of Economic Studies. Meanwhile we became passionate about the electronic scene and its origins. At first we worked individually, both with Live / Logic; I used the program more for mixing and Traian had already begun to experiment with production.

“It is good that the Romanian scene (mainstream and underground) is increasing.”

AMG: I noticed that the TC Studio Label imprints discs of your individual projects but also releases your work together. We are curious to know, how do you manage to keep the consistency of your sound and what is the common denominator of your productions?
TCS: What connects us is the curiosity that we share; the musical experiment approached as a game. Our common denominator is the source of inspiration. Our work is influenced by the mood we have at that time. It is an organic process that appears unannounced.
Through our music we are trying to create an atmosphere, a context that is also found in Polanski’s or Greenaway movies; in jazz compositions, trip-hop and George Michael.

AMG: Tulbure, I know that you love to play the decks, and Traian, you are more in charge of production. What is your dynamic in terms of teamwork? What are the most interesting things you have learned from each other?
TCS: When we work together, things are open, each of us brings his contribution on the way. When we start a new project, it may happen that one of us to starts with a rhythmic element (percussion, drums, etc.) and the other to provides environmental support, or melody.
At TCS we assumed, throughout time, different roles based on individual inclinations. For a period, we tried to bring the project to the club in Romania and abroad, which made us figure out the directions we want to fathom. This way, we can learn from each other in the different environments in which we operate – Traian in the studio, and I’m in the club.

AMG: The cover artworks on your discs are made by of different artists who express themselves in different environments. What is the secret to reach a clear but full of mystery reflection of your musical productions? Traian, I know you’ve dealt with the design of the logo TC Studio,what is its story?
TCS: The logo was created spontaneously. It originally served as a logo for the working studio at that time. In that space we organized an exhibition of paintings in the NAG 2011.
With the development of the TC Studio project, I felt the need to offer a visual identity to our sound. Currently, the design of each release of our label is built around this symbol.

“What connects us is the curiosity that we share; the musical experiment approached as a game.“

AMG: When it comes to the Romanian electronic scene, from your point of view, what is good and what should be changed?
TCS: It is good that the Romanian scene (mainstream and underground) is increasing, especially internationally. Changes come by themselves, they are a consequence of individual reflection.

AMG: Matei, tells us about the mix that you prepared for feeder, like how you made the tracklist, what are the concept and the vibe you want to share with us?
TCS: For this mix, I chose a segment recorded at Club Eden, at the party organized by Music Jar on the 10th of October 2014. I chose this set because I think that it reflects my musical direction at the moment, and I wanted to show my dancing side that a home made mix would not have been able to capture 🙂

Tulbure @ Local Gathering (Tete a Tete)

” When we work together, things are open, each of us brings his contribution on the way”

AMG: Traian your lastest release titled “Lobster Club” (TCS 02 – limited 2x 12″) released on the15th of November, seemed very interesting to me , and Wald 1975 is among my favorite tracks. The whole album is a collection of quotes that takes you on a journey in time through historical moments. What is the connection between the abstract minimal, tech house sound and the precise events that are described?
TCS: ”Lobster Club” is an eclectic album that covers a wide range of electronic fingerprints. The songs in the album are divided into two main areas. The first part is played with a cleaner sound from the traditional perspective of tech-house, rave, minimal. The second part incorporates an experimental influence that plays more with basic sounds (kick, rim, clap, etc.) and how they behave. Many of the tracks have started from abstract projects, the color and the instruments tones being more distorted.

AMG: Because the NYE is near, tell us what are your plans for the event marking the passage of years and the early of 2015?
TCS: Family / ski / snowboard / wine / mulled wine / cabbage rolls.

AMG: All the best, peace!
TCS: Thank you, Happy Holidays!

interview and photos by feeder.ro
translated by playedby.club

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