premiere: Noha – Pretending I Know [Tied]

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exclusive premiere: Noha – Pretending I Know [Tied]

Chicago-based record label Tied announces its next pressing to arrive soon with Italian artist Noha at the controls delivering two fresh tracks in the form of “Pretending Not To Know EP”. The material adds even more magic to the imprint’s catalogue which also includes works from Topper, Andrea Ferlin, RG, Martinez, Silat Beksi, Funk E, Chklte, Birdsmakingmachine, Anthony Constans, Nektar Agu, Hamid, Sakro, Dieru, as well as label-founders and owners Max Jacobson and Christian Thomas aka Ciphr.

Owner of Nabuco Records and co-owner of Panick Panick!, Noha has been in the game for quite some time now, always delivering inspiring DJ sets and productions. Aside from his ventures he also collaborated with labels like Point Of View, Low To High Records, Constant Black, Second Step Limited, Universal Consequence, Moss Co, Tartouffe, All Inn Records, Lazare Hoche and Berg Audio, while hosting amazing events in his travels to Canada, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Sweden and The United States.

“Pretending I Know” opens the EP with a swinging steady-paced rhythm powered by a solid bassline, warm background pads and reverberated effects. The organic arrangements provide a constant groove, perfect for laid-back selections or the after-hours. In contrast, “Hug Me My Friend” drops an uplifting vibe focused on its ever-evolving synth work that seems to spiral out into cosmic sounds with each breakdown. The energy on this track is best fitted for peak-time or tension-building moments at any party. A highly recommended record for collectors and selectors alike.

Noha’s “Pretending Not To Know EP” will soon be available in the vinyl-only format, so stay tuned!

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Title: Pretending I Know / TIED013
Release Date: TBA 2022
Format: digital

Words by: AndreiB

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