Noha – Take 5 interview


Noha – Take 5 interview

Noha’s new EP, ‘No Point In Talking, is soon to be released on Gialano Lomonte’s Point Of View label. Coming off the back of a strong series of releases since his debut in 2015, ‘No Point In Talking’ show’s his continued to commitment to creating high-quality releases. While the label usually showcases Lomonte’s own material, this release exhibits the label bosses eye for talent. We were lucky enough to be able to ask Noha a few questions about his craft and his future.


Joseph Barnes: Where is your favourite place to perform? Why?
Noha: It’s for sure the club Vent in Tokyo, the sound system is simply a dream.

J: How would you describe this new release? How did it come about?
Noha: I’m very happy about the new release on Point of View, it’s been a pleasure to work with Giuliano (Lomonte) on this one. It happened in the most classic way, he contacted me and asked me if I was interested. I was already playing his releases so I said yes.


J: What can we expect from you in the year ahead?
Noha: Oh, this year it’s going to be a good one!

I have been working hard last year and finally, I see lots of results.

I am going to release on the label that I loved a lot and I have a collaboration EP which I am super excited (and secretive) about. Plus I am releasing a solo EP on my own label, Nabuco.

J: Which of your releases is your favourite?
Noha: Hard to choose, I guess it’s my next one on Nabuco.


J: What is your favourite piece of equipment?
Noha: Oh, I honestly can’t answer that, I love the way they all combine together, it took me lots of years to find this balance.

J: Is there any you’d love to collaborate with?
Noha: Honestly, I think I would prefer to focus on my own sound in the future.


J: What do you listen to when you’re at home?
Noha: Everything but electronic music.


J: What advice would you give to any young or aspiring DJ’s?
Noha: Focus on your sound, nothing more matters.


J: Is there any artist that you would love to see perform but haven’t yet?
Noha: Too many!


J: What was the best gig you were ever at?
Noha: Too many!


Interview by Joseph Barnes

Noha’s ‘Point Of Viewis dropping on 28 March, be sure to catch it. You can buy/listen to it here.

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