feeder sound 316 live with Ciphr

feeder sound 316 live with Ciphr 01

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series, we invite the American duo Ciphr to deliver an inspiring live set built with tracks that have already been released or will be in the near future.

Chicago-based artists Max Jacobson and Christian Thomas aka Ciphr love to experiment with house and techno music, creating immersive live sessions or driving Dj sets while also running Tied Records (label, podcast and party series). Their music will always take you on vivid journeys through psychedelic realms while the stripped-back grooves and twisted effects will grow roots in the dancefloor. When music brings people together they get tied through a vibration. Through chaos comes inspiration and when the world took a pause they dove deep into sonic exploration travelling through interdimensional realms of expanding soundwaves and boundaries.

Among the labels they so far worked with we find Ubiyu, Kosmophono and Saint & Don’t Music while fresh releases have already been announced to arrive soon through Constant Sound, Aesthetic, Visionquest, Kina, Honne Music and Opus. Last year, their debut release “Intrepid Travelers” on Tied reached #1 in all the charts and sold out within 2 weeks. Ciphr were also a part of the Internal Connections live streaming event and you can watch their b2b DJ set here.

feeder sound 316 live with Ciphr perfectly captures the duo’s skills when it comes to making and playing electronic music on analogue instruments and modular gear. The journey is flavoured with various shades of house, deep house, microhouse and minimal rhythms, elegantly blended by a stream of organic transitions. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!

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Words by AndreiB

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