One of a kind artwork by graffiti legend ERPS

One of a kind artwork by graffiti legend ERPS

Here is your chance to get an original acrylic painting on canvas, signed by Romanian graffiti artist ERPS.

This work by ERPS, titled “Bucharest”, is a great opportunity to develop your collection and get closer to the underground culture, more so if you follow ERPS, the legendary graffiti artist who coloured the imagination of passers-by in a terribly grey Bucharest, or if you appreciated feeder sound live w/ Dragustesku & Erps.

The artwork incorporates elements and themes specific to the artist, the recognizable apartment blocks, cranes, landmark buildings and familiar places, such as the North Station or the Basarab bridge. The dialogue / tension created between these concrete masses conveys feelings of anxiety and confusion, specific to a chaotic, suffocating and monumental city. And yet, ERPS’s Bucharest is animated and coloured by expressions of alternative culture in the public space, so in this canvas, you will find an array of tags and bombs by him and other artists. This painting offers a real treat, featuring his Zmârliți characters, whom we miss seeing on the streets.

You will receive an original 60 x 20 cm artwork, acrylic markers on canvas, signed by ERPS. Shop here 🎁

See the A3 print reproduction of the “Minimal – Love for Music / Underground” painting by ERPS here.

See the digital print by Nesk, featuring and signed by ERPS here.

Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt)

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