Noha – The Midnight Zone EP [Panick Panick!]

Noha - The Midnight Zone EP [Panick Panick!]

Noha‘s The Midnight Zone is a powerful new four-track EP that makes for superb home listening as well as explosive dance floor dynamite. 

Some of these tunes have been getting heavy plays already but now they finally get a long-overdue release. The Midnight Zone opens up with a deep and bubbling baseline, slippery drums and spooky leads that draw you in. Conquering is another brilliantly quiet but emotive minimal house tune that rolls deep and late for the heads. Today We Walk keeps up the standout release with more silky drums and gorgeously deft melodies draped over the seductive beats. This is warm material packed with machine soul. Alien is the closer and true to its name the tune offers a freaky vibe with mystic pads and enchanting leads all detailing a nice supple groove.  

There is an undeniable class to this new EP from the excellent Noha.

Year: 2021
Format: digital release

1. The Midnight Zone
2. Conquering
3. Today We Walk
4. Alien

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