feeder sound 185 mixed by userUNKNWN

feeder sound 185 mixed by userUnknwn

Here at feeder, we love to surf the wavelengths of techno music and discover new sounds, to then share them with the electronic music community worldwide. Mysterious guests add flavour to the podcast series, providing groovy and delightful treats to start the weekend with! 

This week’s guest prefers not to share his identity, yet his latest independent releases online under the alias userUNKNWN are enjoying massive support. His re-interpretation of Barac’s “Sun, And Following” reveals a new and mesmerizing dimension of the amazing original track, and received support from Barac himself, as well as Rossko, Ted Amber, SubleeVincentIulian, Cally, Janeret, Nu Zau, Unic Records and many others. Two more dreamy gems have been found on the internet signed by the unknown user and we can say that the sound is incredible! Deep electronic patterns fused with organic atmospheres, smooth percussive layers, morphing build-ups and stunning composition skills.

We don’t know who he is and it doesn’t matter, as the focus is on the music. Yet, he vaguely and entertainingly revealed to us that he’s an avid vinyl collector for more than a decade, a resident at a leading club in his own country (???) and played at major local and international festivals and parties (???). 🔮

“The userUNKNWN project started not long ago with the intention to output my own productions where the genre is more minimalistic and trippy, currently releasing independently on bandcamp. Some unreleased material is out there circulating among some DJ friends.” – userUNKNWN

The first public userUNKNWN performance was recently spotted at The Block Club in Tel Aviv where he played alongside Amorf, SIT, K.Atou, Matthew Dear, Jonas. Teasing production work, as well as delivering groovy selections, his unique approach to techno music is intriguing, as it draws influence from a multitude of genres, all combined with elegance.

“Crunchy, rhythmic and emotional sounds, these are my main ingredients for this mix, as well as give an insight into what I play on my DJ sets. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy dear feeders!” – userUNKNWN


feeder sound 185 mixed by userUNKNWN is a creative exploration of minimal rhythms, dubby textures, deep tech sounds and psychedelic modulations. A sleek blend of wonderful music and hypnotic frequencies, that flows with energy and emotion. To space! 🚀

userUNKNWN on soundcloud | facebook | bandcamp
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Words by AndreiB


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