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TOP 10 feeder sound 2018

Last updated on April 3rd, 2019 at 12:21 am

Top 10 most played feeder sound podcasts for 2018

Every Friday we provide you with a fresh mix to properly start the weekends and make you want to dance! Our podcast series features artists from all over the world, attending to a variety of styles and genres, with focus on house and techno music. Like every year, the trends and techniques change, but one thing remains the same when it comes to the DJ – a solid selection with elegant transitions is what people love and will pay attention to. Here at feeder, we receive a lot of recordings and we publish the ones that stand out and sound inspiring.

2018 started with mix number 147 delivered by Hans Moeckli and it will end with 196 signed by bungalowA sound system, while still keeping a very pleasant surprise for the next in the series. This sums up to 50 recordings providing over 50 hours of quality music. Dive in!

It’s time to see what podcasts you listened to the most this year.


10. feeder sound 185 mixed by userUNKNWN (2327 plays)

“Crunchy, rhythmic and emotional sounds, these are my main ingredients for this mix, as well as give an insight into what I play on my DJ sets. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy dear feeders!” – userUNKNWN


9. feeder sound 160 mixed by Posh (2354 plays)

On this special set, you can get closer to Posh‘s productions and his very personal view of electronic music. The mix is influenced by the past with a perspective into the future, unleashing a wild determination to let his sounds reverberate into your whole structure until you just start to move.


8. feeder sound 167 mixed by Oana Leca [Auroom] (2488 plays)

“Deep and hypnotic musical journey, including soft and upbeat breaks vibe, the type that you lose yourself in regardless. You can also find some wonderful piano teased minimalist grooves and crisp hypo-rhythmic techno cuts, modulated synths around soaring melodic lines to craft something truly special.” – Oana Leca


7. feeder sound 164 mixed by Elia [Unic] (2644 plays)

“My musical ambition predominantly consists of continuously striving to achieve a better quality sound layered with hypnotic, spacey and cosmic textures which not only hypnotizes the listener but allows them to feel the groove” – Elia


6. feeder sound 175 mixed by VAVAV (3067 plays)

“Delighted to share some favorite sides of the moment. Mostly newer releases here but also room for a few B-side gems, a lone techno vivace at halftime to cleanse the palate and an original at the end from my recent record. I tend to favor music that is honest and not too busy covering up its vulnerability with distractions. Straight to the point, warm, unafraid. Hopefully it speaks to you. With love.” – VAVAV


5. feeder sound 157 mixed by Tulbure [TC Studio] (3184 plays)

The mix unfolds as a selection of intriguing tracks, carefully mixed by Tulbure in a mysterious formula. His musical experiments extend on a wide variety of textures, incorporating jazzy elements with hypnotic and repetitive loops that will get you lost in sound, in space. And evidently, the deeper you go, the more you can discover.


4. feeder sound 154 mixed by Herck (4161 plays)

“This set is very special to me because it’s created with music from friends and people close to me, hope u enjoy it.” – Herck


3. feeder sound 158 mixed by Radu Mirică [Assonant Circles] (5043 plays)

Recorded in February at the DMB in The Mountains party series in Bușteni by Radu Mirică, the mix contains a lot of nice tracks and funny samples. It‘s an arrangement made of old recordings combined with new and unreleased tracks, techno mixed with micro-house and happy dancing vibes with vocals. Totally chaotic bits of information put together, like our universe.


2. feeder sound 161 mixed by Bianca Măndoiu [Kopf bei Fuss / Cuplet] (6817 plays)

Very well crafted, the mix delivered by Bianca Măndoiu brings up to your ears frequencies that will make you vibrate, creating a space for you to fill with your imagination.


1. feeder sound 168 mixed by Piktor (9874 plays)

“Full of dreamy pads and deep bass-lines this truly is a wonderful journey, rhythmic and without having any dull moments.” – Piktor


Be sure to cast your VOTE for the best EP / LP release of 2018 and also check out the Top 10 feeder sound exclusive premieres! ✨


Words by: AndreiB

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  2. […] Born in Romania and now residing in Vienna, Austria, Piktor is well-known for his vibrant selections as a DJ, as well as for his collaborations with Lokomotiv, Subtil Records and Baumbaum Label, where he recently dropped “Second Thoughts” EP. Piktor produced feeder sound’s second vinyl-only release titled “Similar Feelings”, which contains three fresh original tracks and features the Un-hidden mural artwork by KSELEQOQYNQYSHY. Last year, his mix for the feeder sound podcast series was number 1 in the annual TOP 10. […]

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