Misbits’ Pick: Amorf – Blending Light [Understand]

Misbits’ Pick: Amorf – Blending Lights [Understand]

If you were somehow caught into Romania’s electronic underground hype then you’re probably familiar with Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia‘s appetite for constantly exploring new musical dimensions within the lush worlds of electronic beats.

Amorf is the name they’ve chosen for their newest project, together with the renowned neo-classical pianist Mischa Blanos. A project that since its inception gave birth to a few pieces you can easily call underground anthems. After Amorf‘s debut under the AMPHIA imprint, time has come for Cezar‘s eclectic Understand Records to put the lights on this amazing musical project. Blending Light, is the first from a live series to be released on Understand: 6 tracks, each of them receiving its own vinyl side (so that makes 3 records for Amorf‘s debut album).

Ouverture comes with sonic rays fading one into each other as they revolve around the stomping percussions. Departed is just an electronic alloy with its mental piano intermezzos molded into an acid form. Marquis Of Dust proposes a soft melodic drama played graciously by Mischa Blanos, that keeps waving before your ears alongside the streamlined kick drums. As for Haze, it introduces the listener into a charming playful atmosphere, a slow jam with a strangled horn like groove, stitched to the lazy baselines. Curiosity Step catches the soul and emotions of the love & freedom golden age, reviving it for the nowadays dance floors. Blending Light’s rippling synth caress the rubbery kick drums and brushes the soft melodic theme hidden somewhere in the background.

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Artist: Amorf
Title: Blending Light
Label: Understand
Release date: 03.07.2017
Format: Vinyl-only

words by: Victor

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