Unknown Artist – Stowaway 001 [Stowaway]

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Unknown Artist – Stowaway 001 [Stowaway]

A mysterious record label emerges from the underground electronic dance music scene, presenting its first untitled 12” release, catalogued “Stowaway 001”. With the tracks being played by the likes of Raresh, Petre Inspirescu and other well-known artists, a quest for finding out more started.

As with all unnamed releases out there, the music itself is the main protagonist as the artist takes a step back, emphasizing the sounds and the emotions. Here at feeder, we like to explore our curiosity when it comes to uncharted musical territories, so we started digging. We heard B2 at Sunwaves Festival a while back and RPR Soundsystem played this cut at Casino Sinaia in December last year, so we concluded that there must be a Romanian producer hiding behind Stowaway. Whispers from the Rominimal community confirmed that the mysterious artist is non-other than techno icon Nu Zau.

With releases on labels like Fear Of Flying, The Rabbit Hole, Memoria, Movida Records, Heisenberg, Castanea Records, and his own imprint UVAR founded back in 2013 together with SeppNu Zau is one of the leading Romanian producers and DJs. His music can be heard at major festivals around the world and many local parties, as he shares the decks with internationally renowned artists from the scene. Stowaway is a personal endeavor, an introspective journey with an accent on minimal and tech rhythms. The selected tracks that find their way out of the studio remain untitled.

A1 opens the wax with a groovy sound provided by arpeggiators and clean percussion. A subtle vocal cut and glitched effects add atmosphere to the track, as the build-ups deliver contemplative moments. On the flipside, B1 kicks in with a melodic set of pads and a relaxed minimalistic beat. The bouncy nature of this cut is backed-up by intricate layers that make the background textures stand out. Closing, there’s B2, a strong techy rhythm imbued with soft bright pads, swirling effects and a sophisticated percussion that blends elegantly with the bassline. Stay tuned, as more mysterious gems are to be delivered by Stowaway for sure!

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Grab your copy of Stowaway 001 at deejay.de.


Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Untitled/Stowaway 001
Label: Stowaway
Cat. number: STOWAWAY001
Release date: 19.01.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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