TURTURU – There Is No Creator (feat Herck mix) [Audiomutz]

TURTURU – There Is No Creator (feat Herck mix) [Audiomutz]

After many years in the music industry, Audiomutz is ready for its first vinyl release, one that will be followed by a series of many others, with the mission of delivering to the listener unique stories expressed through music. The release focuses on intimate experiences and journeys with both tracks sending two distinct messages, both part of everyone’s life at some point. There is no creator is a spiritual journey with a vocal from Osho that spreads a unique philosophy. Ratting Club Stories talks about nightlife and excess with vocals that tell a more dark story, all wrapped in a strong beat with a heavy bassline behind it.

The remix from Herck himself takes a different approach to “There is no creator” giving the track a new identity, definitely something you will hear at parties all around the world over the years. With “There is no creator” being already played by Petre Inspirescu in his already notorious Dommune set, there is no question this is a release not to be missed as it will take a tour of the biggest dancefloors all over the world.

Get your digital copy from Juno: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/turturu-there-is-no-creator-feat-herck/889418-01

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