feeder sound 307 mixed by Rupert Wall

feeder sound 307 mixed by Rupert Wall 01

This Friday we invite Rupert Wall to deliver the vibes for our podcast series, so adjust the volume of your speakers and get ready for a groovy affair.

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Rupert Wall has been steadily building a name for himself in the New York minimal scene while he recently finished setting up his dream studio. An avid modular synth enthusiast, he announced several fresh materials to arrive soon on Tunisian label Saraw, London-based Habits Records, Silat Beksi‘s vinyl-only imprint Modeight and the newly launched NYC imprint, In The Bagg. Some of his upcoming productions will also be released in digital format on his Bandcamp page. Aside from making music, Rupert has been running his own podcast “Rupert Selects” for four years now which you can find posted on his soundcloud page the first Thursday of every month.

“In this mix expect to hear a bunch of unreleased music coming from myself and some close friends including Hendriks Toth, XXX Culture and Vermeil. Some other notable artists you will hear are Lizz, Cosmjn and Denis Kaznacheev.”

Rupert Wall

feeder sound 307 mixed by Rupert Wall delivers a serious minimal sound, elegantly balanced by deep and quirky rhythms, introspective moments and constant energy. Some carefully picked house-infused insertions spice up the story here and there while the transitions provide a smooth flow of elements throughout the whole journey. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Rupert Wall on facebook | soundcloud
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Words by AndreiB

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