Mihai Popescu – Provincha EP [Provincha]

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Mihai Popescu - Provincha EP [Provincha] 01

Mihai Popescu – Provincha EP [Provincha]

The freshly founded record label Provincha sets sail with label head Mihai Popescu at the controls delivering four steaming tracks in the form of an eponymous EP that represents an ode to the everyday provincial life, telling the story of an ordinary day with its highs and lows.

A well-known figure in both local and international electronic music scenes for quite some time now, Mihai Popescu brought forward several projects under various aliases, such as MP, Aquaphresca, Schroepfer Pollet, T. Gavroche, Marsomatic700 (with Sublee) and South Side (with Sublee and Cristi Cons). Aside from the works released independently via Bandcamp or his first imprint Soulsity, he also collaborated with Rora, Metereze, Othertones, Bass Culture, Mulen, Purism and Steppin’ Motion Records.

As the Sun rises above the horizon and a new day slowly starts, Mihai introduces us to the first track “Breakfast”, a warm composition with a little kick to it, a sparkle of energy, just like the first sip of coffee in the morning. The meandering chords, the steady-paced rhythm and the spacious breakdowns merge with his distinct finger snaps, creating an immersive sound. Following, “Brunch” raises in intensity preparing the listener for a dynamic midday snack served with reverberating melodies, pulsating pads and swinging drumming patterns.

On the flipside we experience the end of the day with the original take on “Dinner” and one remix, both slowing down the pace of the release as night sets in and a feeling of serenity flows through the frequencies. Expect an organic sound designed with spiralling textures, engaging broken beats and lush breathing moments.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Provincha EP at deejay.de.

Artists: Mihai Popescu
Title: Provincha EP
Label: Provincha
Cat. number: PRV01
Release date: 02.02.2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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