Øne+1 – Es Culleram EP (w. Silat Beksi, Jacobo Saavedra & Dave Hang Remixes) [Mate Ltd]

One+1 - Es Culleram EP [Mate Ltd]

Øne+1 – Es Culleram EP (w. Silat Beksi, Jacobo Saavedra & Dave Hang Remixes) [Mate Ltd]

Ibiza-based record label Mate Ltd returns with its second pressing titled “Es Culleram EP” signed by the venture’s resident duo Øne+1 alongside Silat Beksi, Jacobo Saavedra and Dave Hang on remix duties. Born from a feeling of wanting to show the world the musical culture of the artists residing on the island of Ibiza, the imprint brings forward the most avant-garde minimal sounds accompanied by top-quality visual art. Among the collaborating artists we also find Toni Moreno, Alexis Cabrera, Jay Nortown, Livio & Roby and 2Vilas, among others.

Alexander and Ruben Solar aka Øne+1 as well as their guests on this EP Jacobo Saavedra and Dave Hang are well-known for their intense and ongoing activity on the island’s club circuits and beyond, heading numerous public and private events or large electronic music festivals. Their studio work is equally impressive, having released timeless productions on renowned labels. For this journey, Ukrainian DJ and producer Silat Beksi joins the crew with an amazing remix, completing the record with style.

Side A opens with the bubbling vibes of “Es Canaret”, an uplifting cut flavoured with blazing funky vibes, electric modulations and a constant drive, perfect for peak-time moments at any party. Silat Beksi‘s reinterpretation switches gears and takes the original into the dreamy soundscapes of the afterhours, laying out an ethereal and organic groove powered by a solid yet steady-paced rhythm.

On Side B we first find the original take on “Pla De Corona”, a warm and somehow mellow composition that dives deep into microhouse, delivering a swinging sound that will make you immerse yourself in the music completely and lose track of time. Jacobo Saavedra and Dave Hang team up for the closing remix, adding an extra eerie dimension to the whole journey as their phased guitar chords elegantly blend with spacious textures and shuffling percussive patterns.

Pre-order your copy of Es Culleram EP at deejay.de.

Artists: Øne+1, Silat Beksi, Jacobo Saavedra, Dave Hang
Title: Es Culleram EP
Label: Mate Ltd
Cat. number: MATELTD002
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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