Discover 15 must-have digital releases in 2023

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15 digital releases in 2023 article
Here’s a list of 15 digital gems released this year that you must include in your electronic music collection.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, 2023 has brought forth a treasure trove of sonic delights that aficionados of minimal techno and microhouse simply can’t afford to miss. Join us on a journey through the underground as we unveil 15 digital releases signed by talented producers worldwide and released via established record labels or independent platforms, each a masterpiece deserving a coveted spot in your collection.

As featured in our Exclusive Premieres or EP Reviews columns on our website, this list brings forward mesmerising productions from Unisson, Dudley Strangeways, VincentIulian, Aline & Hatari, Rupert Wall, Boske, Lizz, Entoniu & Agape, Simone Tagliabue, Anton Kubikov, August Artier, Priku, Chech, Silat Beksi, Valeria Croft and Jeff Mills brought forward by UNS Records, Leftback Intercities, L.E.T Music, The Sound Collective, 21th Street Records, Serialism Records, Eastenderz, Never Is Eternal, Suleiman Records, Axis Records and the artists’ official Bandcamp pages.

Unisson - Sea Through [UNS Records] article
Unisson – Play Attention EP / UNS Records

Alex Draghici and Nicolae Teodorescu aka Unisson return to their digital playground on Bandcamp with “Play Attention EP“, dropping three fresh tracks perfect for the dancefloor. The release marks the 11th entry in their digital adventures pack and smoothly complements the vinyl discography brought forward via UNS RecordsRaw Crafted Wax, Storytellers, miNIMMAl movement, Mulen and, of course, our own feeder sound, as the duo signed the latest and fifth material in the series titled “Neverending Story EP“.

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dudley strangeways - done deal [leftback] 001
Dudley Strangeways – RMD EP / Leftback Intercities

The 13th release coming from Leftback‘s Intercities offshoot label brings forward four fresh digital delights signed by label head Dudley Strangeways and one steaming remix from TIJN in the form of “RMD EP“. Expect some solid low-slung rhythms and textures deeply rooted in minimal techno, perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors.

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vincentiulian - multi more 0001
VincenIulian – Multimore EP / self-released

Chiricheș Vincențiu Iulian aka VincentIulian drops his latest solo album “Multimore” in digital format on his official Bandcamp page, bringing forward an intricate combination of minimal techno aesthetics and subtle classical influences that create an immersive sonic affair.

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hatari - corazon [LET Music] 001
Aline & Hatari – Adjust The Constant EP / L.E.T Music

Swiss record label L.E.T. Music (Les Enfants Terribles) announces the next instalment in the catalogue to arrive soon featuring Aline and Hatari on “Adjust The Constant”. The split EP delivers two tracks from each artist that smoothly complement one another and create a driving journey flavoured with creative and timeless sounds.

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Rupert Wall - Listen To Me 001
Rupert Wall – Listen To Me / self-released

NYC-based DJ and producer Rupert Wall returns to his digital playground on Bandcamp with a fresh and hypnotic track titled “Listen To Me”. Well-known for his ongoing “Rupert Selects” podcast series which he started 5 years ago and now counts 60 transmissions featuring artists from all over the world as well as for his releases with labels like Saraw, Habits Records, Modeight, In The Bagg, Distrakt Audio and RVDIOVCTIVE, he definitely stands out as an accomplished musician with a forward-thinking vision when it comes to underground electronic music.

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Boske - Sundae Moaning [The Sound Collctive] 001
Boske – Arpegiat Repetetiv EP / The Sound Collective

The 7th instalment in The Sound Collective‘s discography brings forward three original cuts signed by local artist Boske and one steaming remix from Joona H and label-head Mihut. Titled “Arpegiat Repetetiv”, the EP delivers a solid combination of deep house and microhouse, smoothly infused with minimalistic arrangements, spaced-out breakdowns and hypnotic melodies that can make anyone start daydreaming in seconds.

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lizz hardcore slide 001
Lizz – Hardcore Slide / self-released

Local DJ and producer Petre Valentin aka Lizz returns to his official Bandcamp page with his 14th digital release entitled “Hardcore Slide” exhibiting 7 fresh tracks that explore a different kind of music we’re usually accustomed to receiving from his side. Blending ambient, trip-hop, hip-hop and subtle IDM elements, this LP dives deep into intricate rhythms and atmospheres, delivering an immersive sound perfect for eclectic selections or laid-back afternoon sessions.

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Entoniu & Agape, Simone Tagliabue - Picture (Original Mix) 001
Entoniu & Agape, Simone Tagliabue – Picture EP / 21th Street Records

After the first official collaboration between the Italian duo Entoniu & Agape and Simone Tagliabue back in 2020 on “Hempatia EP“, the three artists return to 21th Street Records with “Picture EP”, delivering two original tracks and a remix signed by local artist Alex Baciu.

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Anton Kubikov - Fireflies 001
Anton Kubikov – Little Prince Riddles EP / self-released

Russian DJ and producer Anton Kubikov returns to his independent digital playground on Bandcamp with “Little Prince Riddles EP”, bringing forward four steaming cuts designed with effervescent microhouse, minimal and experimental flavours that bear his fingerprint sound. Just like on previous releases (Medlena TelegaHerbarium IVHope & LoveSkysweemmer) expect an organic sound powered by trippy rhythms and textures.

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August Artier - Lo-fi Stories 01 [Serialism Records] 01
August Artier – Lo-Fi Stories EP / Serialism Records

Serialism Records starts the new year by welcoming back Italo-Australian artist August Artier with “Lo-Fi Stories EP” alongside Cali Lanauze and Carlo Gambino on remix duties. The Barcelona-based artist already left his fingerprint on the imprint’s catalogue back in 2021 with “Shadows EP” while other collaborations include releases with Rawax, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Complex Textures, Vandalism Musique, Zebra Records, Lescale Recordings, Voltaire Music, Kindisch, Lauter, Libe Vibe, Conceptual and his own Artier Dubs, among others

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TURKEY - Fundraising Compilation [Eastenderz]
Various Artists – Turkey Fundraising Compilation / Eastenderz

In a collective effort to show support and help the people who were directly affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, London-based record label Eastenderz invites artists from all over the world in solidarity with the cause to be part of “TURKEY – Fundraising Compilation”, a very diverse and collectable Various Artists selection showcasing 21 tracks signed by Alci, Alisha, Boss Priester, Chris StussyCristi Cons, Dimmish, Djebali, Fabe, Harry Wills, Jamback, Jesse Maas & Litmus, Julian Fijma, Mennie, Rich NxT, Rossi., Sidney Charles, Thurman, Wheats, label head East End Dubs and Priku.

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Chech - Conspiracy EP [Never Is Eternal] cover
Chech – Conspiracy EP / Never Is Eternal

The 16th release to arrive from the Spanish imprint Never Is Eternal sees label head Chech returning to his digital playground with “Conspiracy EP” alongside Direkt and Mikhu on remix duties. Designed with solid minimal techno rhythms and textures, the EP already enjoys early support from artists like TraumerArapuMihai PolDavid GtronicNu ZauCrihanVincentIulianHerckViceversaTriptilGiuliano Lomonte and Miroloja among others.

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silat beksi - holotype ep
Silat Beksi – Holotype EP / self-released

Ukrainian DJ and producer Silat Beksi drops “Holotype EP” on his official Bandcamp page, bringing forward a steaming 5-tracker designed with equally driving and immersive minimal techno and microhouse grooves designed with his fingerprint sound. The material was recorded during challenging times in the past few months, with Ukraine facing major power outages, daily rocket attacks and numerous other problems sparked by the ongoing war and stands as a statement for the transcendental powers of music, culture and love.

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Valeria Croft - Thankful EP [Suleiman Records] 01
Valeria Croft – Thankful EP / Suleiman Records

Valeria Croft returns to the Canadian boutique label Suleiman Records with “Thankful EP” alongside French DJ and producer The Mekanism on remix duties. Based in Montreal, the imprint’s aim is to bring forward inspiring electronic music to the people and so far published amazing materials from artists like Tadeo Catzin, Andrew McDonnell, Pheek, Onur Ozman, Jay Tripwire, Mathias SchaffhäuserCesare vs Disorder and label head Darem Aissa, among others

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Jeff Mills - Metropolis Metropolis [Axis Records] 01
Jeff Mills – Metropolis Metropolis / Axis Records

Jeff Mills returns to his label Axis Records with a fresh soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s cult classic sci-fi film Metropolis released back in 1927. The concept features a mix of orchestral music, electronic beats and ambient soundscapes that perfectly complement the visuals and themes of the film while acting as a testament to the artist’s skills as a composer and his ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres in order to create a new cohesive and evocative sound.

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Words by: AndreiB

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