Entoniu & Agape – Hempatia EP [21th Street Records]

entoniu agape - hempatia ep

Entoniu & Agape – Hempatia EP [21th Street Records]

The Italian duo Entoniu & Agape return to 21th Street Records with the fifth instalment in the label’s catalogue alongside Simone Tagliabue. Titled “Hempatia EP”, the material features one original cut, a remix and a collaborative piece designed with uplifting minimal tech sounds perfect for the dancefloor as well a surprising downtempo-focused ending. This EP is the result of hard work in the studio, a lot of experimentation and precise tunning of all the layers.

Entoniu & Agape had a busy year, continuously working on fresh productions and recording mixes for various podcast platforms, bringing forward their distinct vision on modern electronic music with style. Founded earlier in May, 21th Street Records has been their personal playground for releases like “City EP“, “Too Drunks EP” (with Danilo Schneider remix), “Fight EP” and “Peach Lemon and Coconut EP” by 2Acid (with Alex Fuente remix). The latest material sure delivers the vibes and makes no exception from their energetic approach to house-infused music while adding even more magic to the imprint’s relentless activity.

The original mix of “Hempatia” opens the EP with a swinging uptempo composition designed with subtle progressive nuances and a solid steady-paced rhythm. The warm background melodies and the vocals create a smooth reverberating effect that provides an organic flow from the first second of the track to the very last. Following, Simone Tagliabue‘s re-interpretation adds even more spice to the elements, raising the tempo even higher while hypnotic harmonies will take the listener for a joyous ride through colourful sound dimensions. Closing the material there’s “Fogged Garage”, a very different track that explores ambient, IDM and deep techno. The prominent bassline revolves around a quirky percussive core that leaves enough room for spacious transitions and aquatic dreamscapes to evolve into a peaceful narrative in the background.

Grab your copy of Hempatia EP from Beatport or Traxsource.

Artist: Entoniu & Agape, Simone Tagliabue
Title: Hempatia EP
Label: 21th Street Records
Release date: 20.12.2020
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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