Jeff Mills – Metropolis Metropolis [Axis Records]

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Jeff Mills - Metropolis Metropolis [Axis Records] 01

Jeff Mills – Metropolis Metropolis [Axis Records]

Jeff Mills returns to his label Axis Records with a fresh soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s cult classic sci-fi film Metropolis released back in 1927. The concept features a mix of orchestral music, electronic beats and ambient soundscapes that perfectly complement the visuals and themes of the film while acting as a testament to the artist’s skills as a composer and his ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres in order to create a new cohesive and evocative sound.

Unlike his first soundtrack where tracks addressed specific segments of the film in a track listing form, which was created and released in 2001, this version reveals a symbiotic mix of compositions that proposes a nuanced representation of the plot and storyline. A series of live events dedicated to presenting the album to the public is scheduled to take place in New York, Berlin and Paris.

Jeff Mills is an American DJ and producer who’s well-known for his pioneering work in electronic music, with a career that spans over three decades and includes countless performances and releases. His unique style blends elements of jazz, funk and soul with techno beats while some of his side projects include writing, directing or scoring films like “Woman in the Moon” (F. Lang, 1929), “Man From Tomorrow” (J. Caux, 2014) and “Life to Death and Back” (J. Mills, 2015), among others.

“Creating music for Fritz Lang’s masterpiece film “Metropolis” over the many years has been and continues to be a great experience. The film is a story about “man vs man” with the help of a machine. Its dramatic theme is as relevant now as it was when the filmed debuted in 1927. A film to be enjoyed, but also noted and examined.”

Jeff Mills

“Metropolis Metropolis” reveals a sublime combination of electronic and symphonic music, proposing a few interesting points in the schematics of its six tracks. Firstly, the positioning and role of the listener are based on the environment of the scenes, rather than pure transcription. This means that the soundtrack is designed to complement the film and provide an immersive experience. Secondly, the album is set in the year 2000 and the choice of sound elements reflects a future commonality and foresight between the genres of classical and electronic music, as well as the relationship between man and machine. Lastly, in several parts of the soundtrack, sounds are played in unison to symbolize the hopeful direction that the storyline takes. Overall, Mills’ approach to creating this album is interesting and unique, offering a distinctive listening experience.

Grab your copy of “Metropolis Metropolis” from Axis Records.

Artists: Jeff Mills
Title: Metropolis Metropolis
Label: Axis Records
Cat. number: AX107
Release date: 03.03.2023
Format: 3×12″ vinyl package / CD (with 20-page booklet in jewel case) / digital

Words by AndreiB

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