premiere: Mihut – Heavenly Beat (Valeria Croft remix) [The Sound Collective]

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Mihut - Heavenly Beat (Valeria Croft Remix) [The Sound Collective] 01

exclusive premiere: Mihut – Heavenly Beat (Valeria Croft Remix) [The Sound Collective]

Following the success of “Heavenly EP” released back in February 2021, Mihut brings forward “Heavenly Remixes” featuring artists and friends close to The Sound Collective such as Valeria Croft, Gemini Brothers, Asenn, H2B and Joona Hongell. The ambient version was initially submitted to the feeder sound open call competition and was shortly picked up by Jay Bliss and played by Roberto Rodriguez in his monthly ambient series. TSC005 delivers five remixes full of different flavours, once again bringing artists from Bucharest and Helsinki together under one roof, including the artwork, painted by Taimi Seppala, a young Finnish artist.

A part of Everyday Paradise Crew and a co-host of This Moment On show on Bassoradio, Mihut has extended experience when it comes to music making and mixing, as well as managing his label The Sound Collective where he released some of his works alongside Nopame, Hanne Honkanen, Mari Seppala, Erast and Merikerho Club‘s resident artists.

Valeria Croft is well-known in the international underground music scene, having performed at numerous events in many countries while dispatching her own productions with labels like Pulsar Music, Karmaworld, Heritage, Moonfire Music Lab, Body Parts and Piston Recordings. Today we’ll enjoy her immersive remix of the original “Heavenly Beat” exclusively on feeder sound, so adjust the volume of your speakers and slide.

Valeria Croft‘s remix opens the EP with a steady-paced rhythm that constantly evolves while maintaining a hypnotic laid-back vibe. The original background textures coming from Mihut can be felt throughout the whole journey, although they receive subtle modulations, creating a theme that’s going to be followed by all the other artists as well.

From deep minimal sounds to microhouse, breaks and ambient, the fusion presented here reveals an amazing blend of styles and genres that remain connected into an organic flow of exquisite productions. The original release was followed by an exclusive drone shot video showcasing the urban architecture of Helsinki and enjoyed support from numerous artists in Romania and Finland.

Grab your copy of Heavenly Remixes EP from Bandcamp.

Mihut on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
Valeria Croft on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp
The Sound Collective on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / bandcamp
Title: Heavenly Beat (Valeria Croft Remix) / TSC005
Release Date: 19.09.2022
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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