25 micROhouse & ROminimal EP, LP, VA (vinyl only)

25 micROhouse & ROminimal EP, LP, VA (vinyl only)

If you are passioned about the micROhouse & ROminimal underground scene, here you can find a few suggestions with some solid records that can expand your vinyl collection.

Every week we carefully select a few EP, LP & VA with unique sounds, and we publish an article in the review and premiere column for each record. The following list features 25 records released by some of the most outstanding local and international record labels like RowleAtipicLabUvarStackenschneiderMuted Noise & Lescale Recordings. Among the tracks and remixes, you can listen to a series of interesting artists with a distinctive approach to production, such as Anton Kubikov, DeWaltaDirektDraguteskuFasterNils WeimannOanaRamona Yacef, SubleeTripmastazTopperVlad Arapasu & Vlad Caia.

Bazmann (Nils Weimann & Stephan Bazbaz) - Dixon EP [Rowle]

Bazmann (Nils Weimann & Stephan Bazbaz) – Dixon EP [Rowle] 

Rowle presents Nils Weimann and Stephan Bazbaz under the Bazmann alias with Dixon EP, dropping two fresh cuts alongside VincentIulian and Silat Beksi on remix duties. Designed with solid minimal tech and twisted uptempo flavours, the material already enjoys early support from artists like SIT, Arapu, Raresh, Charlie, Herodot, Prichindel, Lizz, Barac, Cosmjn, Sepp, Nu Zau, Petre Inspirescu, Mihai Pol, Viceversa and others. RWL007 arrives after almost a one-year hiatus from the label, with Vern‘s “Danube EP” being the previous release we’ve written about in more detail. 

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Dinu - Atipic Lab 013 [AtipicLab] 03

Dinu – Atipic Lab 013 EP [AtipicLab]

The next vinyl-only instalment in the Atipic Lab series is brought forward by Dinu, who unleashes a solid and inspiring minimal sound with three fresh cuts designed with great care and patience. Collaborating with Priku since 2018, he had his debut one year later at Casino Sinaia in Romania with the Atipic Live project, followed by several independent materials released on Bandcamp and outstanding collaborations with the head of Atipic Records himself on “Luna“, “ENDZ042” and “ATIPIC010“. Focused on live performances, Dinu elegantly masters the piano while being absorbed by the power of synthesizers, creating amazing compositions influenced by numerous genres. Atipic Lab has previously released materials from Arapu, Faster, Floog, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu, VincentIulian, Aparte & Dan Blatov, Direkt, Lizz, Livio & Roby and DumitrEscu.

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Direkt - Acabadabra EP [Uvar]

Direkt – Acabadabra EP [Uvar]

Romanian DJ and producer Direkt drops Acabadabra EP on UVAR‘s Black Series, revealing four fresh cuts designed with a vibrant and uplifting minimal sound. The artist is well-known in the international scene, having collaborated with renowned labels such as Stamp Records, Subtil, Soper Univers, Thinc, Tier, Vivus Records, Botanic Minds, Atipic and Micro Orbit Records, while also recording amazing sets for various podcast platforms (The Conscious Cast, Telum, Trommel, Sunrise Hub, Rowle). As the restrictions for the coronavirus are slowly lifted, we hope to see him behind the decks soon. Now, let’s dive into his latest material and explore the tracks in more detail.

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Giacomo Pellegrino - Golfe De Santa Giulia 01

Giacomo Pellegrino – Golfe De Santa Giulia [Detroit Side]

For their 21st release, the label presents a very special EP mixing stratospheric sound design, insane Italian artist Giacomo Pellegrino makes a fantastic return to his record label Detroit Side with a 2×12″ LP titled “Dub Experience” that packs 8 immersive dub techno/ambient compositions, carefully crafted to evoke deep feelings and vivid memories. The material marks the seventh vinyl-only instalment in the imprint’s catalogue, with previous releases being signed by Ocu, Enrico Mantini, Dixia Sirong and Bassa Clan while the venture continues to deliver regular live streaming sessions, podcasts and showcase events.

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Isbel & Alvaro Medina - ALMALTD002 [Alma Records] 01

Isbel & Alvaro Medina – ALMALTD002 EP (w. Mihai Pol & Rumme remixes) [Alma Records LTD]

Spanish label Alma Records LTD returns with its second pressing from its vinyl-only series with Isbel & Alvaro Medinaat the controls alongside Mihai Pol and Rumme on remix duties. Titled “Afterparty Developments EP” or simply ALMALTD002 by the catalogue number, the material delivers a solid minimal techno sound which arrives one week from now in a limited number of copies. Based in Ibiza, the imprint’s first vinyl release in 2020 featured Isbel & Ildec, while its digital division on Bandcamp already counts 11 titles signed by artists like Mike D, Julio Aguilar, Piroin, Enzo Leep, Alffie and Kid Moss.

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Joren Edwards - Atipic 012 [Atipic] 01

Joren Edwards – Atipic 012 [Atipic]

The 12th record from Atipic‘s main vinyl-only series is announced to drop in May, with Dutch artist Joren Edwards being the one behind two fresh end very enjoyable minimal cuts that will definitely make their way in numerous selections. Fronted by Priku, the Romanian venture is well-known to the local and international community, yet is always worth mentioning the fact that their activity and releases (main series + Atipic Lab series) deliver top-quality vibes every time. Now, the young Utrecht-based DJ and producer join the family with a blast, adding even more magic to the catalogue with this incredible release. 

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Lulla - Zandalar EP [Maru] 3

Lulla – Zandalar EP [Maru]

Australian vinyl-only record label Maru returns with its second pressing, inviting the head of Cedesciu Wax and Miami-based artist Lulla to present three original cuts alongside a remix by local DJ and producer Direkt in the form of “Zandalar EP”. With the first release signed by Suolo enjoying massive success last year the imprint sticks to its top-quality policy, which brings early support for this EP coming from Arapu, Barac, Incolor, Lizz, Nils Weimann, Nu Zau, Priku, Prichindel, Sepp, Ted Amber, Triptil, Vern, VincentIulian, Costin Rp, Vlf and Vlad Arapasu.

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Macarie - Four Out Of 4 LP [Midas Touch LTD]

Macarie – Debieight [MDT LTD]

Macarie has been riding the waves lately, with proper releases on Vlad Arapasu‘s vinyl-only venture Kontent, Tobi More and Daniel Broesecke‘s Vivus Records, Lulla‘s notorious imprint Cedesciu Wax and surprising appearances on Sanguina 005 Various Artists compilation and UFDV003 on remix duties for Robert David‘s outstanding EP. His distinct take on electronic music is strongly influenced by the rominimal movement which he’s been exploring for quite some time now, reflecting a refined understanding of what makes underground music work. This LP arrives after countless hours spent behind the decks and in the studio, so expect a solid minimalistic journey designed for both introspective and dancefloor-driven moods.

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Niko Maxen - The Quest [Pathway Traxx] 01

Niko Maxen – The Quest [Pathway Traxx]

Niko Maxen is well-known for his intense activity in the international underground scene for quite some time now, having shared the decks with numerous artists while delivering outstanding materials with labels like Shadow Sanctuary, Tzinah, Phorus, Hoarder, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Aesthetic, Rowle, Roche Noire, Liniar, Blind Vision Dubs and OGE. Influenced by his parents, he developed a strong passion for music and collecting vinyl since he was very young while his hometown, a place with a rich rave and party heritage going back to the dawn of electronic music, provided a perfect setting for him to evolve and explore mixing and production. For this journey he invites Vlad Arapasuand Viceversa to drop their own distinct reinterpretations of his two original tracks, making this record a must-have for minimal collectors and selectors alike.

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Oana - Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Oana delivers the third vinyl-only instalment to arrive from the Romanian record label feeder sound. Oana is well-known for her vibrant selections and productions, as well as for running Ariki Records. Titled “Transmisiune Intergalactică”, the 12’’ packs three solid minimalistic tracks designed with deep and futuristic rhythms and textures, ready to take you on a journey into inner and outer space! 

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Pandaporn - Pandaporn [DALKEN002]

Pandaporn – Pandaporn [DALKEN002]

Dalken presents its second 12″ release, introducing Pandaporn. The duo, which recently first showed itself with a tripped out contribution to Geminii Records‘ Kosmonaut V.A., now comes through with four sophisticated, club craving cuts on its inaugural, self-titled EP.

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Peshka - Oriental [Koi Series] 01

Peshka – Oriental [Koi Series]

The third vinyl-only instalment coming up from Koi Series features two heavy minimal cuts signed by Ukrainian artist Peshka and a remix of the title track by local DJ and producer Arapu. Titled “Oriental”, the 12″ adds even more magic to the venture’s catalogue which so far published two amazing EPs from Cristi Murar and Core. Inspired by the symbolism of the Japanese Zen gardens, the imprint functions as a sublabel of Re.Face Records and aims to deliver solid underground vibes for electronic music lovers, collectors and selectors alike.

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Petit Batou - Fireworks EP [Stamp Records] 01

Petit Batou – Fireworks EP (Direkt & Dragutesku remixes) [Stamp Records]

Parisian label Stamp Records announces “Fireworks EP” to drop soon exclusively on vinyl with label-head Baptiste Saint-James aka Petit Batou behind two fresh cuts alongside local producers Direkt and Dragutesku on remix duties. The record explores deep minimalistic dimensions, full of meandering narratives and smooth tempos, perfect for laid-back selections or long after hours. The imprint is internationally known since 2015, having an extended digital and vinyl catalogue that includes productions signed by ROI, Dominic Vadim, Amin Ravelle, Silat Beksi, Octave, Alan Castro, Bassam, Triptil, Andu Simion, Zenk and Ernesto Ferreyra, among others.

Aside from the works dispatched through his imprint, Petit Batou also collaborated with Minim.All, Tzinah, CELO Rec, Kanja Records, Soundterrasse, Totoyov and Capodopere. For this EP, he invites Direkt and Dragutesku to express their own vision on the two original tracks, the result being a must-have record that will arrive in a limited number of copies.

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r.hitect - landscapes EP [r.hitect] 01

r.hitect – landscapes EP [r.hitect]

The next chapter in the r.hitect‘s catalogue features three fully immersive and uplifting cuts carefully packed into “landscapes EP” announced to be released early in May in a limited number of copies with no-repress. The mysterious Romanian producer delivers once again, showcasing a vibrant mix of rhythms and textures that can add colour and beauty to any selection rooted in minimal techno and progressive, just as his five previous records did.

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Robert David - UFDV003 [Unfelde Records] 01

Robert David – UFDV003 [Unfelde Records]

Local imprint Unfelde Records announces its third vinyl pressing to arrive soon in the form of UFDV003 or Love Manifesto with label-head Robert David at the controls alongside Argenis Brito and Macarie on remix duties. The four-tracker reveals a mesmerising endeavour in the realms of minimal techno music inspired by the meaning of Love, how we accept or deny it, how society can change its significance or even deform it. The artwork represents the protagonist’s artistic expression as the painting was done when the tracks were in production and eventually fitted perfectly with the concept.

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Tito Mazzetta - Memories of Tomorrow EP [Stay Random Natasha] 01

Tito Mazzetta – Memories of Tomorrow EP [Stay Random Natasha]

The fourth vinyl-only material to arrive from Vincent Casanova‘s notorious record label Stay Random Natasha features three fresh tracks signed by Tito Mazzetta and a remix provided by Topper. Titled “Memories of Tomorrow EP”, the 12″ arrives in a limited number of copies and delivers all the ingredients necessary to make this record a must-have collectable for selectors and electronic music enthusiasts alike. Having two amazing Various Artists compilations and a highly supported EP by local artist Bexu in its catalogue so far, the imprint brings forward top-quality underground music captured on wax forever, filling the libraries of infinity with outstanding 4/4 sensibilities. This EP makes no exception!

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VA (Anton Kubikov, Kirill Matveev, Raf) - STK03 [Stackenschneider]

VA (Anton Kubikov, Kirill Matveev, Raf) – STK03 [Stackenschneider]

Anton Kubikov opens the VA with “Joy”, revealing an ethereal composition designed with intricate drumming patterns, funky synth sequences, deep basslines and ever-evolving, warm background textures. The stripped-down percussion leaves enough space for all the other layers to create a hypnotic rotation perfect for the afterhours. Following, Kirill Matveev goes for a more uplifting scenario with “Restore Previously Saved Game”, bringing to the table a more syncopated narrative flavoured with electric riffs, wobbling chords and progressive arrangements ready to spice up any selection or playlist.

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Various (Halo Varga & DeWalta, Faster, Sublee, Dieru) - Profile Series 001 [Muted Noise] 01

VA (Halo Varga & DeWalta, Faster, Sublee, Dieru) – Profile Series 001 [Muted Noise]

American imprint Muted Noise announces a new vinyl-only material to arrive soon in the form of “Profile Series 001” VA featuring label-head Halo Varga in collaboration with DeWaltaFasterSublee and Dieru. Based in San Diego, California, the label is well-known in the underground scene for its activity and releases, so far having an amazing discography signed by Alex Piccini & Proudly People, Lisière Collectif, Herck and H-Foundation (Brian Varga & Eric Galavis/Halo & Hipp-E) alongside remixes by Livio & Roby, Roger Gerressen, D’Julz, Per Hammar and Enzo Siragusa. This record provides a broad and varied selection of exquisite grooves from very talented artists who nevertheless share common interests in originality, attention to detail and passion for crafting dance music with a superb sense of sophistication.

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VA (Ramona Yacef, Triptease, Topper, Luminér) - LRDCV1 [Lescale Recordings]

VA (Ramona Yacef, Triptease, Topper, Luminér) – LRDCV1 [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings announces an amazing Various Artists compilation to arrive soon on the label exclusively on vinyl with label-head Ramona Yacef alongside TripteaseTopper and Luminér delivering the vibes. The Parisian imprint continues to affirm itself as an essential outlet of contemporary house and techno music, enjoying massive support for its activity and releases, which include materials signed by Delaj, Lorenzo Garista, Thomas Roland, Mehdi M, Francesco Nikolai, Bill It, Olivier Romero, Enzo Leep, Dandy Jack, Bassam and Eliptica, among others.

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VA (Vern, Distilled Noise, Direkt, Zenk & Enivrez Vous) - Skip Audio 002 [Skip Audio]

VA (Vern, Distilled Noise, Direkt, Zenk & Enivrez Vous) – Skip Audio 002 [Skip Audio]

Barcelona-based vinyl-only label Skip Audio returns with its second pressing, an amazing Various Artists compilation featuring VernDistilled NoiseDirekt and Zenk in collaboration with Enivrez Vous. Early support comes from artists like Raresh, Nu Zau, Giuliano Lomonte, Sepp, Dorothy’s Dream, Silat Beksi, Herck, Vlad Arapasu, Triptil, VincentIulian, Fabrizio Maurizi, Crihan and others. Founded by Luciano Buscemi and Matteo Arienti last year, the imprint focuses on bringing forward quality minimal and microhouse music to the people, thus contributing to expanding the underground scene worldwide.

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Various (Vlad Arapasu, Tripmastaz Enterprises, Petit Batou, Chrivu) - ENFASI002 [Enfasi Records] 01

VA (Vlad Arapasu, Tripmastaz Enterprises, Petit Batou, Chrivu) – ENFASI002 [Enfasi Records]

After a successful first release in November 2019 with Romanian duo Spiri:tual at the controls, London-based vinyl-only label Enfasi Records proudly presents its second pressing with a roaring deployment of established producers. Announced to arrive in June in a limited number of copies, ENFASI002 is a Various Artists compilation focused on forward-thinking minimal grooves brought forward by local acts Vlad Arapasu and Chrivu, French artist Petit Batouand Russian wiz-kid Tripmastaz under his fresh alias Trimastaz Enterprises. Founded by Davide Decay and Max Frisina from Bread & Butter London, the imprint looks set to make waves in the growing minimal scene and their music sure delivers the vibes. 

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Vid - Machine EP [UVAR] 01

Vid – Machine EP [UVAR]

Vid is definitely an iconic figure for the rominimal movement, with countless hours spent mixing and numerous inspiring releases under his belt. While some of his most notable works were published by Pleasure Zone, Memoria Recordings, Brouqade, Sound Of Vast, Otaku, Hashplant, Visage LTD or his personal playground An|dromeda, he also dispatched EPs and LPs independently on Bandcamp as well as several amazing productions using aliases like Egal 3, Bacauanu or Cumsecade. This EP perfectly incorporates his distinct style, reflecting a mature sound and a forward-thinking personal vision of modern electronic music.

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Vlad Arapasu - Inserpia EP [Vivus Records]

Vlad Arapasu – Inserpia EP [Vivus Records]

This is the 10th anniversary of the vinyl-only series on Vivus and what a better way to celebrate than with the magic touch of the Romanian wizard, Vlad Arapasu, who has cooked up some very special sounds for you.

We start off with the title track, Inserpia, which kicks things off in a powerful manner. Right from the beginning, a dominant bassline greets you and you know it means business. The subtle percussions added only a few moments later only take this point further: you’re in the middle of the madness, straight from the start.

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Vlad Caia - Both Sides Of The Story EP [UVAR] 01

Vlad Caia – Both Sides Of The Story EP [UVAR]

The next chapter in UVAR‘s discography is delivered by Vlad Caia in the form of “Both Sides Of The Story EP”, a solid three-tracker that will take anyone for a ride into cosmic dimensions of modern electronica. Well-known for his collaboration with Cristi Cons for the SIT project and Amphia Records as well as for his memorable solo materials, Vlad is definitely an iconic character when it comes to minimal techno, being one of those artists that shaped both local and international scenes with his forward-thinking productions and selections. After all those years it’s actually really nice to see him adding even more magic to UVAR‘s catalogue which features a solid collection signed by label founders Sepp and Nu Zau alongside established artists like Andrei Ciubuc, Ada Kaleh, Ragrip, Barac, Livio & Roby, Vid, Crihan and VincentIulian, to name just a few.

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Widovski - Romanoffs Little Secret [Kanja Records] 02

Widovski – Romanoff’s Little Secret [Kanja Records]

After several years dedicated to perfecting his production skills, Romanian artist Widovski makes his debut on vinyl with “Romanoff’s Little Secret” EP on the Slovenian label Kanja Records. The 12″ arrives in a limited number of copies and delivers three vibrant original cuts and a remix from Miami-based trio Imbue. The imprint is well-known in the underground electronic music scene, having numerous digital and vinyl-only releases under its belt signed by artists like F.eht, Vedran Komm, Yuki Fukuyama, Peter Zherebtsov, Daniel Gorziza, Petit Batou, Vincent Casanova and Soyro, to name only a few.

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Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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