premiere: Tito Mazzetta – Memories of Tomorrow EP [Stay Random Natasha]

Tito Mazzetta - Memories of Tomorrow EP [Stay Random Natasha] 01

Tito Mazzetta – Memories of Tomorrow EP [Stay Random Natasha]

The fourth vinyl-only material to arrive from Vincent Casanova‘s notorious record label Stay Random Natasha features three fresh tracks signed by Tito Mazzetta and a remix provided by Topper. Titled “Memories of Tomorrow EP”, the 12″ arrives in a limited number of copies and delivers all the ingredients necessary to make this record a must-have collectable for selectors and electronic music enthusiasts alike. Having two amazing Various Artists compilations and a highly supported EP by local artist Bexu in its catalogue so far, the imprint brings forward top-quality underground music captured on wax forever, filling the libraries of infinity with outstanding 4/4 sensibilities. This EP makes no exception!

Based in Atlanta, USA, Tito Mazzetta is a true lover of the unknown, blending various genres in his sets and always dropping inspiring productions with labels all around the world. From deep mind-bending techno to heart-quenching soulful house and everything in between, his style is definitely unique and his productions or selections carry out this message every time. You can find his music published by Gents & Dandy’s Records, Suicide Robot, Raise Recordings, Purism Wave, Ubiyu, Banoffee Pies, Conceptual Records, Red Ember, Honne, Soundterrasse, Vuew, Tzinah and Kanja Records, to name only a few. For this journey, he invites Topper aka Dead Rail to add his own kind of magic to the EP which he does, with style.

Side A opens with the deep funky vibes of “Memories of Tomorrow”, an elegant house-infused cut ready to serve dancefloors everywhere with its smooth melancholic pads, vibrant basslines and drumming patterns, spacious breakdowns and straight powerful emotions. Following, “Italolanta” spices up things, serving an uncommon rhythm inspired by uplifting disco vibes of the old-school while incorporating the modern aspects of microhouse and electro altogether. Very refreshing!

On Side B the adventure begins with Topper‘s reinterpretation of the title track who envisions the warm original sound at a slower tempo, adding a subtle dark and twisted touch to the narrative while keeping the energy right there. Closing, “Belugian Dreams” offers a cryptic minimalistic rhythm designed with numerous abstract effects and variations, making this track a perfect tool for eclectic DJs and surely a totally unexpected addition to any playlist that wanders off the standard constructs.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Memories of Tomorrow EP at

Artists: Tito Mazzetta, Topper
Title: Memories of Tomorrow EP
Label: Stay Random Natasha
Cat. number: SRNV004
Release date: 12.03.2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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