Various Artists – Vol. 3 [Lescale Recordings]

Various Artists - Vol. 3 [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings is proud to present ‘Various Artists Vol. 3

Lescale Recordings is proud to present ‘Various Artists Vol. 3’, with 4 effective pieces of minimal and bouncy techno. Damien Almira (aka Timid Boy) serves up, on ‘Finah’, a serious groove with atmospheric synths, padded kick-drum thumps, swelling soundscapes and a percussive feel, while Vincent Giumelli (Presence Booking) & Robert Plankett (324 Records) pick up that lead with ‘Silent’, but add a heavy bass over sparse and elegant synth lines and vocal hooks painting a picture of space and dreaminess with contagious rhythms and invigorating energy.

Francesco Nikolai (Escape) blends mysterious synth stabs and minimal driving drums with hi-hats and a kick riding bassline, on ‘Amintiri’ and Bill It (Aprapta Music) closes the set with the flowing and trippy ‘Hopefully’, featuring pulsing synths, upbeat energetic tech rhythms and hypnotic backing effects. A deep listening experience of dark and twisted minimal beats, futuristic and warm.

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