exclusive premiere: Giacomo Pellegrino – Golfe De Santa Giulia [Detroit Side]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Giacomo Pellegrino – Golfe De Santa Giulia [Detroit Side]

Italian artist Giacomo Pellegrino makes a fantastic return to his record label Detroit Side with a 2×12″ LP titled “Dub Experience” that packs 8 immersive dub techno/ambient compositions, carefully crafted to evoke deep feelings and vivid memories. The material marks the seventh vinyl-only instalment in the imprint’s catalogue, with previous releases being signed by Ocu, Enrico Mantini, Dixia Sirong and Bassa Clan while the venture continues to deliver regular live streaming sessions, podcasts and showcase events.

Giacomo Pellegrino is well-known for his releases on Detroit Side and Vibe Experience, while other inspiring collaborations include publishers like Carac Records, Eye Records, Purism Wave, Waehlscheibe, Signatune Records, Punchis, Whoyostro, House of Gold Records, Deep Freaks and Elegant Bit Records, among others. His distinct style is rooted in house and funk yet it receives additional deep electronica vibes, as well as dub and minimalistic techno patterns, always making him able to deliver balanced narratives and engaging rhythms in the studio or behind the decks. This album makes no exception!

🌀 Now, let’s go for a cosmic ride, inspired by the full-length sound odyssey of Golfe De Santa Giulia exclusively on feeder sound and explore Dub Experience LP in more depth:

Sometimes we don’t find words to tell nothing, or even the words do not exist. In those moments music was the only way I had. This is my first vinyl album characterized by few limited edition copies. It is composed of 8 tracks by which I want to describe particular moments of my life. There seems to be a small part of me in each sound. And I imagined it like this. All photos on the cover are taken by me on my last trips. In fact, I’ve chosen the places I visited as headings of the tracks. Thanks to those travels I’ve got inspired and found out a part of me. I want to thank my family, that has always supported my decision. I also want to thank all my friends.

Giacomo Pellegrino

The album drops a solid dub techno sound designed with hypnotic chords, introspective atmospheres and a steady-going, ever-evolving percussive narrative throughout the whole journey. Our featured track “Golfe De Santa Giulia”, as well as “Cofete”, receive extended textural intros highlighting the pivotal points in the LP’s structure through alluring whispered vocals and smooth delays or heavy reverberations. As a result, both extended versions are built around a similar feeling where deep, rotating soundscapes capture melodic snapshots of visited places in a very peaceful yet powerful manner, elegantly complemented by the brokenbeat-infused drumming sequences and intricate effects.

B1, “Punta Jandia” and the closing “Porto Vecchio” also seem to be connected, as the two cuts melt in a dance of organic synchronicities, revealing transcending modulations transposed at lower tempos in contrast with the remaining arrangements. Here’s where “Playa De Sottovento” and “Bonifacio” come into play, unleashing a thundering, uplifting vibe that exquisitely completes the Dub Experience. A highly recommended release right here!

Dub Experience LP is announced to arrive at the very beginning of March in a limited number of pressings, so pre-order your copy in time at deejay.de.

Artist: Giacomo Pellegrino
Title: C2. Golfe De Santa Giulia / Dub Experience LP
Label: Detroit Side
Cat. Number: DS007
Release Date: 05.03.2021
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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