Explore the universe of Peshka in an introspective feeder sound series

feeder sound 165 mixed by Peshka

feeder sound 165 mixed by Peshka

As you‘ve already seen or heard, feeder.ro is actively supporting the Ukrainian electronic music scene. On many occasions, you had the chance to listen to episodes of feeder sound series mixed by Ukrainian artists like Lola Palmer, Nastia, Julia Matuss, Silat BeksiAnimated Sounds and Orbit.

The curiosity to discover our connections with our neighbours and the passion for music we all share, will take all of us this week again in this interesting part of the world, which for the past few years is shaded by a lot of struggles and suffering due to the war and all the misunderstandings coming from this tense situation.

“My name is Mark. I live on the border with the occupation part of my homeland. I have been engaged in music for over 8 years, but the war gave impetus, due to which I wanted to express my thoughts differently, and created the project Peshka (Пешка in Russian) or Pawn (in English). For two years I have released 4 pieces of vinyl and more than 5 digital releases. In 2018 I expect 2 more vinyl releases with remixes from famous artists, you will hear them in my podcast, it consists exclusively of my production and remixes from Arapu, Vendi and more” – Peshka


Music is a good way to change your mood so we invite you to explore feeder sound 165 mixed by Peshka, a recording that goes deep inside his musical ambition, created by using only his tracks and productions. Enjoy and share the music you like!


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