Watch feeder sound live ­čö┤ w/ Dan Andrei (dj set) & Serebe (live painting)

feeder sound LIVE stream Dan Andrei & Serebe

[mai jos po╚Ťi s─â cite╚Öti ├«n Rom├ón─â]

feeder sound live streams ­čö┤ with Dan Andrei (dj set) & Serebe (live painting)

September 16, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

Watch the live stream here.

Romanian Design Week is approaching and we are happy to announce that in this year’s edition we are participating with the next episode feeder sound live. Discover the techniques used by Serebe when painting and, at the same time, listen to a two-hour DJ set mixed by a Dan Andrei, who will lead us into the world of contemporary electronic music. The sixth live stream in the series invites you to explore in-depth the music and visual art produced by local artists.

The innovative character of the project consists of combining two branches of art, in an audio-video performance that explores the possibilities offered by multidisciplinary associations and collaborations in a unique experience.

Watch feeder sound live with Dan Andrei & Serebe, Wednesday 16 Septembrie, starting with 6:00 PM (Romania time, GMT+3), on &

About Dan Andrei

Dan Andrei is a Romanian DJ and producer, who lives and works in Bucharest. He began his musical career more than 12 years ago, but it is still shrouded in mystery. Dan Andrei is constantly invited to play at some of the most prestigious parties and festivals around the world. His musical productions have a special sound and that particularity for which you like to come back to listen to them, which is why they are loved by a wide audience both on the local and international stage.

As a producer, Dan Andrei uses various aliases, such as Aloe V─âru for the remix to the song “Vivaltu” released by Raresh or the remix of the song “Morel” produced by Rainer. Together with Emi, he formed the group The Future Future Sound with which he released ES Pion EP. As Backstage Boys (along with Kozo & Andrei Ciubuc) they released an EP at Pressure Traxx. At Zimbru Records he released two EPs as Sahau (along with Paul Agripa & Kozo), and AK41 (along with Kozo). The album entitled “Parcul Cosmos” released by [a:rpia:r] in 2015, as a double vinyl, often landed on the turntables of many DJs, giving a new dimension to minimal underground music.

Recently we had the rare opportunity to publish two of Dan Andrei‘s productions, exclusively in the feeder sound column.

Comojii (Dan Andrei & Paul Agripa) ÔÇô Disco 93 [Cuplet]

AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei) – Ghetto Update

Lately, Dan Andrei released two independent albums, on his own Bandcamp page. “Vreau sa ma simt bine” in April and “Careful With That Polyend” in July.

feeder sound live with Dan Andrei

About Serebe

We met Serebe as a street artist, but her artistic direction is constantly evolving and changing. Using strong and contrasting colours, Serebe paints and draws on any medium the paint adheres to, from walls, clothes, stickers, colouring books, to tracing sheets.

Her works, the characters and illustrations she creates manage to evoke that feeling that you can associate with the term cute. Around this cuteness revolves an illustrated universe with imaginary characters, monsters and other creatures that define Serebe‘s style.

Serebe has contributed to numerous group exhibitions and developed personal projects, such as the acclaimed ADHD Chromatic 1 & 2. She is always present and involved in T-shirt fest, European Comic, and many other fairs and meetings of local artists and creators.

Some time ago, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Serebe for organising of the drawing and screen printing workshop for children “Paint-a-monument @ MNAC“. We can’t wait to see Serebe again and see what he has prepared for the next work.

Join the event, and stay up to date with live feeder sound news.

Words by Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚Ťan
Photos by Petre Ghiocel (VJ VLC)
Live transmission by Vixi

Here you can discover the previous episodes which had as guests Teluric & Maria B─âlan // Kozo & Irlo // Cr15tina & Aeul // Miss I & Pasr // Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S, and the complete feeder sound LIVE STREAMS ­čö┤ line up, time table and information to feed your appetite for underground music and art.

About feeder sound

The feeder sound II project is organised by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. Visit the projectÔÇÖs page feeder sound, EP reviews and exclusive premiere to find out more about past, current and future activities.

About Save or Cancel

Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.


feeder sound LIVE STREAMS cu Dan Andrei (dj set) ╚Öi Serebe (live painting)

16 Septembrie 2020, 18:00

Romanian Design Week se apropie ╚Öi ne bucur─âm s─â te anun╚Ť─âm c─â ├«n cadrul edi╚Ťiei de anul acesta particip─âm cu urm─âtorul episod feeder sound live. Descoper─â tehnicile utilizate de Serebe atunci c├ónd picteaz─â ╚Öi ascult─â concomitent un dj set mixat de Dan Andrei, care ne va conduce ├«n universul muzicii electronice contemporane. Cea de-a ╚Öasea transmisiune din serie te invit─â s─â explorezi ├«n profunzime muzica ╚Öi arta vizual─â produs─â de arti╚Öti locali.

Caracterul inovativ al proiectului const─â ├«n ├«mbinarea a dou─â ramuri ale artei ├«ntr-un performance audio-video care exploreaz─â posibilit─â╚Ťile oferite de asocierile ╚Öi colabor─ârile multidisciplinare ├«ntr-o experien╚Ť─â inedit─â.

Urm─âre╚Öte feeder sound live cu Serebe ╚Öi Dan Andrei, Miercuri 16 Septembrie, ├«ncep├ónd cu ora 18:00 (ora Rom├óniei, GMT+3), pe ╚Öi

Despre Dan Andrei

Dan Andrei este DJ ╚Öi produc─âtor rom├ón care lucreaz─â ╚Öi locuie╚Öte ├«n Bucure╚Öti. Cariera muzical─â a ├«nceput-o de mai bine de 12 ani, ├«ns─â ├«nc─â este ├«nv─âluit─â de mult mister. Dan Andrei este constant invitat s─â mixeze la unele dintre cele mai ├«nsemnate petreceri ╚Öi festivaluri din ├«ntreaga lume. Produc╚Ťiile lui muzicale au un sound deosebit ╚Öi acea particularitate pentru care ├«╚Ťi place s─â revii s─â le ascul╚Ťi, motiv pentru care sunt ├«ndr─âgite de un public larg at├ót pe scena local─â c├ót ╚Öi cea interna╚Ťional.

Ca produc─âtor Dan Andrei utilizeaz─â diverse aliasuri, precum Aloe V─âru pentru remixul la piesa “Vivaltu” lansat─â de Raresh sau remixul piesei “Morel” produs─â de Rainer. ├Ämpreun─â cu Emi a format grupul The Future Future Sound cu care a lansat ES Pion EP. Ca Backstage Boys, ├«mpreun─â cu Kozo ╚Öi Andrei Ciubuc, au scos un EP la Pressure Traxx. La Zimbru Records a lansat dou─â EP-uri ca Sahau (├«mpreun─â Paul Agripa ╚Öi Kozo), ╚Öi AK41, ├«mpreun─â cu Kozo. Albumul intitulat “Parcul Cosmos” lansat de [a:rpia:r] ├«n 2015, ca dublu vinil, a aterizat des pe turnatable-urile multor dj-i, d├ónd o nou─â dimensiune muzicii minimal underground.

Recent am avut rara ocazie s─â public─âm dou─â dintre produc╚Ťiile lui Dan Andrei, exclusiv ├«n rubrica feeder sound.

Comojii (Dan Andrei & Paul Agripa) ÔÇô Disco 93 [Cuplet]

AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei) – Ghetto Update

├Än ultima perioad─â Dan Andrei a lansat dou─â albume independent, pe propria pagina de Bandcamp. “Vreau sa ma simt bine” ├«n Aprilie ╚Öi “Careful With That Polyend” ├«n Iulie.

Despre Serebe

Pe Serebe am cunoscut-o ca street artist, ├«ns─â direc╚Ťia ei artistic─â este ├«n permanent─â evolu╚Ťie ╚Öi schimbare. Utiliz├ónd culori puternice ╚Öi contrastante, Serebe picteaz─â ╚Öi deseneaz─â pe orice suport se imprim─â vopseaua, de la pere╚Ťi, h─âinu╚Ťe, stickere, c─âr╚Ťi de colorat, p├ón─â la foi de calc.

Lucr─ârile, personajele ╚Öi ilustra╚Ťile pe care le creeaz─â reu╚Öesc s─â st├órneasc─â acel sentiment pe care ├«l po╚Ťi asocia cu termenul de dr─âgu╚Ť. ├Än jurul acestui cuteness graviteaz─â un univers ilustrat cu personaje imaginare, mon╚Ötri ╚Öi alte fiin╚Ťe care definesc stilul lui Serebe.

Serebe a avut contribu╚Ťii la numeroase expozi╚Ťii de grup ╚Öi a dezvoltat proiecte personale, cum este apreciatul ADHD Cromatic 1 ╚Öi 2. Este mereu prezent─â ╚Öi implicat─â ├«n T-shirt fest, European Comic, ╚Öi multe alte t├órguri ╚Öi ├«nt├ólniri ale arti╚Ötilor ╚Öi creatorilor locali.

Cu ceva timp ├«n urm─â, am avut pl─âcerea s─â colabor─âm cu Serebe pentru organizarea atelierului de desen ╚Öi serigrafie pentru copii “Paint-a-monument @ MNAC“. Abia a╚Ötept─âm s─â ne revedem cu Serebe ╚Öi s─â vedem ce a preg─âtit pentru urm─âtoarea lucrare.

Al─âtur─â-te evenimentului, ╚Öi stai la curent cu ╚Ötirile despre feeder sound live.

Text de Cristina Popa ╚Öi Andrei Racovi╚Ťan
Fotografii de Petre Ghiocel (VJ VLC)

Edi╚Ťiile precedente feeder sound live streams au avut ca invita╚Ťi arti╚Ötii Teluric ╚Öi Maria B─âlan // Kozo ╚Öi Irlo // Cr15tina ╚Öi Aeul // Miss I ╚Öi Pasr // Vlad Arapasu ╚Öi John Dot S. Aici po╚Ťi vedea ├«ntregul line up, program ╚Öi mai multe informa╚Ťii despre ├«mpreun─â cu informa╚Ťii care s─â ├«╚Ťi hr─âneasc─â pentru pentru art─â ╚Öi muzic─â underground.

Despre feeder sound

Proiectul feeder sound II este organizat de echipa Save or Cancel, compus─â din Cristina Popa (random) ╚Öi Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic) prin, co-finan╚Ťat de AFCN, Aria tematic─â: Art─â digital─â ╚Öi noile media. Proiectul nu reprezint─â ├«n mod necesar pozi╚Ťia Administra╚Ťiei Fondului Cultural Na╚Ťional. AFCN nu este responsabil─â de con╚Ťinutul proiectului sau de modul ├«n care rezultatele proiectului pot fi folosite. Acestea sunt ├«n ├«ntregime responsabilitatea beneficiarului finan╚Ť─ârii.

Viziteaz─â pagina proiectului feeder sound, EP reviews ╚Öi exclusive premiere pentru a fi la curent cu noile activit─â╚Ťi programate.

feeder sound este o investiga╚Ťie ├«n activitatea arti╚Ötilor locali ╚Öi interna╚Ťionali, alc─âtuit─â din seturi de DJ ╚Öi melodii contemporane curatoriate cu meticulozitate ├«ntr-o colec╚Ťie de sunete care promoveaz─â recunoa╚Öterea reciproc─â ╚Öi schimbul cultural ├«ntre muzicieni din ├«ntreaga lume.

Despre Save or Cancel

Din 2008, Save or Cancel este un mediu de comunicare ╚Öi propagare a artelor ╚Öi culturii, promov├ónd ╚Öi facilit├ónd rolul acestora ├«n societatea contemporan─â.
Programele multidisciplinare auto-ini╚Ťiate de Save or Cancel au ca scop identificarea oportunit─â╚Ťilor sustenabile ╚Öi adaptabile de (re)valorizare a existentului prin proiecte de arhitectur─â, culturale ╚Öi editoriale.

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