feeder sound LIVE stream with MISS I & PASR

feeder sound LIVE with MISS I (dj set) & PASR (live painting)

See the photos & video made during feeder sound LIVE stream with MISS I & PASR

We want to begin this article by thanking you for being with us for such a long time, and for watching the last episode of feeder sound live. We are glad to receive your constant and positive feedback. Below, in the article, you can discover a series of astonishing photos made by our colleague, Petre Fall, that capture the creative process of two artists from different fields, working together. You are invited to go deeper into the set played by Miss I and the artwork painted by Pasr.

feeder sound with Miss I (dj set) & Pasr (live painting)

“When I say feeder.ro for sure is good energy. These guys are putting everything to make a lot of interesting projects, mainly representing music and street art from Romania.
Every time I go there, I have a very good connection with them and I leave with a good vibe 🙂
This time, for the last stream, I was a bit worried about what I will play, how it will be…even I had my selection from home but there I felt so comfortable and time passed so quickly!! I was very excited about this project with music b2b drawing and came up with a really really beautiful work!
I want to wish them to keep their path because I trust them and after so many years they are still coming with something fresh ❤” – Miss I

After many years of deep crate-digging and selecting vinyl for Misbits Record Shop, as well as running the Misbits Recordings label, Miss I has a vast understanding of electronic music. Her selections and skills are beyond imagination, and after only a few moments listening, you can find yourself in an entirely different mind state. For this live session, Miss I prepared an intricate mix composed of uplifting jazzy, dubby and summer vibes. The transitions from a track to another are very well done, and the contrasts between unveiling a delighting atmosphere.

Recently we had the pleasure to invite Miss I as a member of the jury panel for feeder sound open call. Soon you can join A Vinyl Garden Afternoon at Misbits.

feeer sound live Miss I dj set & Pasr live painting

Pasr started to work on this canvas just one day before the live session, applying a few layers of spray paint in smooth gradients. He continued by creating the main character by mixing two colours with light accents. During the live session, Pasr used a black marker, adding details and some music into the painting. The image depicts a bird flying in the sky, which associates the feeling of freedom with the emotions you usually experience while listening to music. At first sight, you can perceive that the circles are concentrated around the eagle inspired character. At a closer look, you can observe that the bird is flying out, escaping into the vast blue of the sky. With a minimalistic approach, almost like he is sketching, Pasr achieves both contrasting and vibrant colours, as well as soft and hard lines in a single image.

Here you can (re)watch the video with Miss I & Pasr streamed on July 22, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)
Photos by Petre Ghiocel (VJ VLC)

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