feeder sound open call WINNERS

feeder sound open call WINNERS

feeder sound open call WINNERS

After long hours of listening and debates that took one month, the time to announce the feeder sound open call WINNERS has arrived.

We want to THANK all the artists who joined the open call and apply with their tracks and podcasts. Another big Thank YOU goest to the JURY members for their valuable input and to all the readers and listeners of the platform. We are happy to find so many people with a similar passion for alternative music. We consider this call to be is a success for all of us, as we’ve gathered 240 entries (134 tracks and 106 podcasts) from artists, djs and producers from around the world.

The feeder sound open call is divided into two categories, tracks and podcasts, and awards a total of 6 prizes. The 134 tracks are reviewed and selected by a jury panel composed of Ema Remedi, Tripmastaz, Dudley Strangeways, Hendrik, Miss I, Primărie, Jay Bliss. The 106 podcasts are selected and awarded by the feeder team (1st and 2nd prize), while the 3rd prize is decided by the public vote.

Scroll down the article to discover the results.



Tripmastaz [Call_lab]

1. Pierre C – Outflow
Really ethereal track, well rounded and produced.

2. Kazan – Turia (Break’n Dub Edit)
Dope ballsy breaks and the vibe is cool.

3. MLRV & Archer Hubart – Micronesia
One of a few groovy tracks with beats beats, so I had to pick this one out.

4. Widovski – Frame Collision
Ethereal track again, good production and the vibe, naive and a bit of sadness in it works for me.

5. Cullin – Purple Moon (JorDee Remix)
Cheeky jacky ryzm, yet deep and warm.


Dudley Strangeways [Leftback]

1. Osvit – Joe Joaquin
Really cool track, the twisted vocals work really well there’s just enough to carry the track and make it interesting, but not too much to make it cheesy a perfect combination on that front. The baseline is heavy and with some nice percussive elements to move the track along it will work really well on the floor for sure in different situations, killer track top stuff!

2. Siff – Komma Unmastered
Loving the twisted vibe of this tune perfect for “afters” solid track all-round the breakdown works really well with some more organic elements included. For me, there could be a little more of the elements fused in the break included after the drop to carry that continuation across, but this is just personal preference still a really cool track.

3. Empat – Reflection (mix II)
A big fan of this style of minimal and one of my favourites from the submission in terms of elements and vibe. For me, the main thing letting the track down is the mix the bass is far too heavy, and I love heavy bass but it consumes the track in parts. The 80’s vibe synth that comes in at 4:40 is excellent and is a big factor that drew me to this track to be in the top of the submissions, real nice work but the mix needs looking at I feel to make it a smasher.

4. Cosmic Clap – 107
I’m a fan of this producers work already and he creates some wicked grooves in tracks, which is what I look for a lot of the time. This track is no different, some great use of percussion and trippy sounds to create the groove that moves along nicely a track I would definitely play.

5. Vlad Bretan – Desert Run
A real nice roller of a track some nice elements included make this one of my top picks.


Ema Remedi

1. Heerd – There is no Spoon

2. Cullin – Soundsystem (JorDee Remix)

3. Quiet Madman – Back to Basics

4. Mirv and Archer Hubart – Micronesia

5. Konstantin _k – Marz


Hendrik [Unic]

First of all, I just want to thank every participant for their entries into this competition. Mastering music production and your signature sound is a long game, and I admire anyone who puts their work in a public forum to be judged. By doing so you will find valuable feedback and build your confidence to take you to the next level, wherever that may be.
In my role as a judge for feeder sound, I am looking for a specific set of attributes within each track. These are; sound complexity, the cohesiveness of those sounds when used together (mixing), theme & variation, use of the full audio spectrum, overall mood/vibe of the track & intro/outro. According to these attributes I have selected the following compositions.

1. Pierre C – Outflow
Crisp drum programming and subtle melodics alongside some well-balanced layering of textures. There’s a really great flow on this track too, with elements developing over time. The mood is palpable and well rounded. Great cut.

2. Mryn – Masses
Fantastic atmospheric and subtle elements that are panned and positioned to really add character and substance to this track. A great example of an artist that’s utilizing the full audio spectrum to his advantage. Wonderful track.

3. Heerd – There Is No Spoon
Rhythmically this track has is going on. Variations on breakbeat that a strong but also retain a subtle feel. Moody pads and vocal flourishes result in a strong combination. Well done.

4. Brüc – Summer Open
A blissful rhythmic ride full of punchy synth stabs and dreamy pads. There’s a lot to like on this tune. Great theme and variation along with some spatial creativity. Nicely done.

5. Ruggiero – Wired
Super playful track that has a lot going on. BUT is very well balanced and mixed. Beautiful mood and feeling throughout, which is thanks to every element singing together in unison. Very nicely produced.


Primărie [Tzinah]

I choose tracks as a DJ, tracks that I would play out in front of a crowd! The tracks that are in my top 3 tracks from feeder sound open call, they all have a very good mixing, which is very important in this case and they are complete and have a good storyline. All the tracks that I choose are very unique in their own way and stand out from the rest, they all have their different moment when they can be used in a dj set and I like diversity. And because I choose as a dj, I like this kind of sound that they propose. Peace!

1. Pierre C – Outflow

2. Constand – Focus

3. Vlad Bretan – Desert Run

4. Bikis – Projection

5. Don Iolănescu – Imperfect

Bonus selection
6. Ovenvite – Iso

7. Quiet Madman – Back To Basics


Miss I [Misbits]

1. Konstantin _k – Marz

2. Zeitgeist – Lucid Dreams

3. Dubphone – The road of the dub

4. Quiet Madman – Back to Basics

5. Cerbu – Fragile Dreams


Jay Bliss [VadeMecum]

1. Quiet Madman – Back To Basics

2. Sven Under – CHANGA

3. Mihut – Heavenly

4. Sven Under – Öa

5. Mihut – Heavenly


Here are the results:

feeder sound open call winners

1st Place Pierre C – Outflow 
– 600 lei / 120 euro 

2nd Place Quiet Madman – Back to Basics
– 550 lei / 110 euro

3rd Place Heerd – There is no Spoon
– 430 lei / 90 euro



1. Mormeci – Look Around
Unique atmosphere and sounds, dim textures, minimalistic rhythms. You can tell from the very beginning this is not your average DJ set.

2. Jon Borno – Antiviral
Smooth minimal vibes and grooves, great selection of tracks, organic transitions. There’s a subtle summer feeling embedded into the whole journey which makes the set highly enjoyable.

3. Mr CLAUDE – feeder Contest Podcast Only Vinyls
A smooth ride into the realm of steady-paced rhythms flavoured with carefully crafted transitions. Perfect for laid-back sunny mornings or cloudy afternoons.

4. MF – Feeder Open Call
A very dynamic set that includes various shades of electronic music. The intricate selection goes beyond standard sets, exploring the deeper aspects of house, techno and IDM music.

5. Vivian – Dub Blend
Grainy textures and deep reverberations. The magic effect of dubby music elegantly combined. Dub techno is and always will be a special kind of genre as it’s highly expressive and introspective.


Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

For the last 5 weeks, we‘ve been listening almost exclusively the 106 podcasts submitted to the open call, that sums up an incredibly long journey with huge variations of the moods. It was a pleasure to immerse into this playlist and let ourselves carried away by the dj sets put together by young and talented artists. With great joy, we discovered a lot of tracks we‘ve been premiering on feeder sound column were incorporate into djs podcasts. Since we heard so many tracks accompanied by vocals we have to say that when it comes to music, we appreciate artists that manage to embed and transmit their messages and feelings through sounds. In general, electronic music gives you an abstract place to think and to find your own pattern. When using a particular word or lyrics the entire track is minimized to only one interpretation.

Another thing that got our attention is that we find a few tracks repeating in many podcasts. A great achievement for the artists releasing tracks with such traction, but as a dj, the digging, selecting and mixing are the essential key elements for a unique and distinguished set. Happily, we did hear a few sets that with all the risks implied, succeeded to make a breakthrough offering a link to a new dimension of music. Hard to put it in words, but more or less we are referring to that state of mind when you feel hypnotized by the music. It is our pleasure to share and support such devoted artists who are entirely dedicated to their passion.

Due to a super large amount of podcasts submitted to this call, it seems impossible to listen to all of them in-depth in the course of a month. We kindly ask you to understand the situation, bear with us and allow another week until we announce the winners for the 1st and 2nd places. The 3rd award was already decided by the public vote.


1. V ka – FEEDER.ro Open call podcast

2. ina – Rec. April 2020

3. Ava Vas – Changes

4. Platida – 1h rec from Berlin

5. Cr15tina – feeder sound 2020



1. Mint4000 – At a certain point it all started to move by itself

2. V ka – FEEDER.ro Open call podcast

3. sEmoa – own productions

4. LAND25 – Isolation Mix

5. Jon Borno – Antiviral


Here are the results:

feeder sound open call podcasts

1st Place V ka – FEEDER.ro Open call podcast
– 600 lei / 120 euro 

2nd Place Jon Borno – Antiviral [vinyl]
– 550 lei / 110 euro

3rd Place Artro – set
– 430 lei / 90 euro

Stay connected and discover the upcoming activities happening in the feeder sound project:

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36 feeder sound PODCASTS SERIES, published every Friday, is meant to preserve digital creations as a product and process that takes place in physical space.

36 feeder sound EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE, published weekly – audio tracks carefully selected and reviewed by the feeder.ro team.

72 EP REVIEWS about the most recent and collectable vinyl releases.


Here you can discover the feeder sound LIVE STREAMS line up & time table. We kindly invite you to join us for the upcoming episode with CR15TINA (dj set) & AEUL (live painting).


About feeder sound

The feeder sound II project is organized by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic), through feeder.ro and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. Visit the project’s page feeder sound, EP reviews and exclusive premiere to find out more about past, current and future activities.


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