Watch feeder sound live ­čö┤ w/ BUCURIE & iZZY iZVNE

feeder sound LIVE with BUCURIE (dj set) & iZZY iZVNE (live painting)

[mai jos po╚Ťi s─â cite╚Öti ├«n Rom├ón─â]

feeder sound live streams ­čö┤ with BUCURIE (dj set) & iZZY iZVNE (live painting)

October 14, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

The unusual feeder sound live streams series is coming to an end for this year with the last episode brought to you by Bucurie alongside iZZY iZVNE. We hope you enjoyed the previous sessions and you will keep feeding your curiosity for alternative and underground culture. In the next episode, you can listen to Bucurie playing a two-hour dj set composed mainly from his productions. At the same time, iZZY will use her street art and graffiti skills to paint a huge canvas in her Space Calligraphy style.

Watch feeder sound live with BUCURIE & iZZY iZVNE, Wednesday 14 October, starting with 6:00 PM (Romania time, GMT+3), on

Watch the entire video on Youtube & facebook.


Inspired by nature and its magical connection with us, BucurieÔÇśs musical productions are a representation of his deepest and most personal thoughts and feelings. These are just a few hints as to what makes his productions and selections unique, while the sound he brings forward always evokes an energetic vibration, setting the soul and the imagination free from the everyday constraints.

While most of BucurieÔÇśs releases can be found on Bandcamp, he also collaborated with international labels like Otaku, Stamp Records, Hubble Recordings, Honne Music and Depth Over Distance.

From time to time he steps behind de decks providing amazing experiences for the crowd, with his latest productions. Along the time he played alongside artists like Ada KalehCrihanDragutesku, Bryz, Ted AmberDeez, and many others.

Back in 2018 we premiered Valsul Muzelor“, a remarkable production made by Bucurie in collaboration with Otaku.

ÔÇťVisible ThingsÔÇŁ released by Amsterdam-based record label Depth Over Distance on ÔÇťNostromo EPÔÇŁ also landed in our exclusive premiere column.

At the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure to access BucurieÔÇśs secret archive and publish this puzzling episode of feeder sound mixed and composed only with his productions.

Another surprise is on its way, and soon you will be the first to find out what are we secretly working together with Bucurie.

About iZZY iZVNE

iZZY iZVNE is a street artist that lives and works in Chișinău, Moldova. Her love for hip-hop culture came from rap around 2009 when she started rapping, releasing tracks and music videos. In 2011, iZZY iZVNE started to paint the first walls, and her passion evolved over the years. After undertaking lettering and creating commissioned works for different clients, iZZY developed her own particular style of graffiti writing called Space Calligraphy. Her works incorporate parallel universes, black holes and white dwarfs, planets and multiple galaxies. If you look closer, you can discover that the entire images making up her murals are constructed using only letters. Cyrillic letters, painted in various colours, create those magical effects that will grab your attention and keep it focused on the walls.

Un-hidden Bucharest street art intervention iZZY iZVNE

In 2018, iZZY iZVNE was the winner of the Un-hidden Bucharest II Open Call, and we invited her to paint a large mural, graciously hosted by the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. After seven long days of hard work, iZZY managed to finish a beautiful painting, adding this impressive artwork to Bucharest’s public space.

Now she is currently in Chișinău, spreading knowledge about graffiti to the new generations of writers together with Urban Spirit Family through Urban Vibes festival, workshops and cultural events.

Read more about her journey into the street art/graffiti international scene in the extended interview we published while ago. Check out the Un-hidden Romania street art map and discover her outstanding works in Bucharest, Iași & Chișinău.

Join the event, and stay updated with the lates news about the feeder sound live series.

Words by Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚Ťan

Here you can discover the previous episodes which had as guests Teluric & Maria B─âlan // Kozo & Irlo // Cr15tina & Aeul // Miss I & Pasr // Vlad Arapasu & John Dot S // Dan Andrei & Serebe, and the complete feeder sound LIVE STREAMS ­čö┤ line up, time table and information to feed your appetite for underground music and art.

About feeder sound

The feeder sound II project is organised by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. Visit the projectÔÇÖs page feeder sound, EP reviews and exclusive premiere to find out more about past, current and future activities.

About Save or Cancel

Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.


feeder sound LIVE STREAMS cu Bucurie (dj set) ╚Öi iZZY iZVNE (live painting)

14 Octombrie 2020, 18:00

Neobi╚Önuita serie de transmisiuni feeder sound live se apropie de sf├ór╚Öitul edi╚Ťiei de anul acesta cu ultimul episod care ├«i aduce ├«mpreun─â pe Bucurie ╚Öi iZZY iZVNE. Sper─âm c─â ╚Ťi-au pl─âcut sesiunile anterioare ╚Öi c─â vei continua s─â ├«╚Ťi hr─âne╚Öti curiozitatea pentru cultura alternativ─â ╚Öi underground. Cu ocazia urm─âtorului episod, ├«l po╚Ťi asculta pe Bucurie mix├ónd un set de dou─â ore compus ├«n principal din produc╚Ťiile sale muzicale. ├Än acela╚Öi timp, iZZY ├«╚Öi va folosi abilit─â╚Ťile deprinse din arta stradal─â ╚Öi graffiti pentru a picta o p├ónz─â imens─â ├«n stilul ei propriu, intitulat Space Calligraphy.

Urm─âre╚Öte feeder sound live cu Bucurie ╚Öi iZZY iZVNE, Miercuri 14 Octombrie, ├«ncep├ónd cu ora 18:00 (ora Rom├óniei, GMT+3), pe ╚Öi

Urmărește întregul episod aici.


Inspirate de natur─â ╚Öi de leg─âturile ei magice cu noi, produc╚Ťiile muzicale ale lui Bucurie sunt o reprezentare a g├óndurilor ╚Öi sentimentelor sale cele mai profunde ╚Öi mai personale. Acestea sunt doar c├óteva indicii cu privire la ceea ce face ca produc╚Ťiile ╚Öi selec╚Ťiile sale s─â fie unice, ├«n timp ce sunetul pe care ├«l prezint─â evoc─â ├«ntotdeauna o vibra╚Ťie energetic─â, eliber├ónd sufletul ╚Öi imagina╚Ťia de constr├óngerile cotidiene.

├Än timp ce majoritatea materialelor lansate de Bucurie pot fi g─âsite pe pagina lui de Bandcamp, el a colaborat ╚Öi cu label-uri interna╚Ťionale precum Otaku, Stamp Records, Hubble Recordings, Honne Music ╚Öi Depth Over Distance.

Din c├ónd ├«n c├ónd, p─â╚Öe╚Öte ├«n spatele pupitrului oferind experien╚Ťe uimitoare ascult─âtorilor, cu cele mai recente produc╚Ťii ale sale. De-a lungul timpului a pus muzic─â al─âturi de arti╚Öti precum Ada Kaleh, Crihan, Dragutesku, Ted Amber, Bryz, Deez ╚Öi mul╚Ťi al╚Ťii.

├Än 2018 am difuzat ├«n premier─â melodia “Valsul Muzelor“, o produc╚Ťie remarcabil─â realizat─â de Bucurie ├«n colaborare cu Otaku.

Piesa ÔÇťVisible ThingsÔÇŁ lansat de casa de discuri Depth Over Distance din Amsterdam pe EP-ul ÔÇ×NostromoÔÇŁ a aterizat ╚Öi ├«n rubrica noastr─â exclusive premiere.

La ├«nceputul anului, am avut pl─âcerea s─â acces─âm arhiva secret─â a lui Bucurie ╚Öi s─â public─âm episod-ul 251 din seria feeder sound, compus ╚Öi mixat utiliz├ónd doar cu produc╚Ťiile sale.

Urmărește pagina și în curând vei fi prima/ul care va afla ce lucrăm în secret împreună cu Bucurie.

Despre iZZY iZVNE

iZZY iZVNE este o artist─â care tr─âie╚Öte ╚Öi lucreaz─â ├«n Chi╚Öin─âu, Moldova. Dragostea ei pentru cultura hip-hop a venit din rap ├«n jurul anului 2009, c├ónd a ├«nceput s─â c├ónte, lans├ónd piese ╚Öi videoclipuri. ├Än 2011, iZZY iZVNE a ├«nceput s─â picteze primii pere╚Ťi, iar pasiunea ei a evoluat de-a lungul anilor. Dup─â ce a trecut prin procesul de lettering ╚Öi a creat lucr─âri comandate pentru diferi╚Ťi clien╚Ťi, iZZY ╚Öi-a dezvoltat propriul stil de graffiti numit Space Calligraphy. Lucr─ârile sale ├«ncorporeaz─â universuri paralele, g─âuri negre, white dwarfs, planete ╚Öi galaxii multiple. Dac─â te ui╚Ťi mai atent, po╚Ťi descoperi c─â picturile sale murale sunt realizate utiliz├ónd doar litere. Literele chirilice, pictate ├«n diverse culori, creeaz─â acele efecte magice care ├«╚Ťi vor atrage aten╚Ťia ╚Öi o vor men╚Ťine concentrat─â ├«n ad├óncimea imaginii.

Izzy Izvne Un-hidden Bucharest

├Än 2018, iZZY iZVNE a fost c├ó╚Ötig─âtoarea Apelului Deschis Un-hidden Bucure╚Öti II motiv pentru care am invitat-o ÔÇőÔÇős─â picteze un calcan imens, g─âzduit─â de Facultatea de Sociologie ╚Öi Asisten╚Ť─â Social─â. Dup─â ╚Öapte zile lungi de munc─â grea, iZZY a reu╚Öit s─â termine o pictur─â frumoas─â, ad─âug├ónd ├«nc─â o lucrare impresionant─â ├«n spa╚Ťiul public bucure╚Ötean.

Acum iZZY este ├«n Chi╚Öin─âu, r─âsp├óndind cuno╚Ötin╚Ťe despre graffiti noilor genera╚Ťii de writters ├«mpreun─â cu Urban Spirit Family prin festivalul Urban Vibes, ateliere ╚Öi evenimente culturale.

Cite╚Öte mai multe despre c─âl─âtoria ei ╚Öi incursiunile ├«n scena interna╚Ťional─â de art─â de strad─â / graffiti ├«n interviul extins pe care l-am publicatcu ceva timp ├«n urm─â. Exploreaz─â harta de art─â stradal─â Un-hidden Romania ╚Öi descoper─â lucr─ârile sale remarcabile din Bucure╚Öti, Ia╚Öi ╚Öi Chi╚Öin─âu.

Alătură-te evenimentului, și stai la curent cu știrile despre feeder sound live.

Text de Cristina Popa ╚Öi Andrei Racovi╚Ťan

Edi╚Ťiile precedente feeder sound live streams au avut ca invita╚Ťi arti╚Ötii Teluric ╚Öi Maria B─âlan // Kozo ╚Öi Irlo // Cr15tina ╚Öi Aeul // Miss I ╚Öi Pasr // Vlad Arapasu ╚Öi John Dot S. // Dan Andrei ╚Öi Serebe. Aici po╚Ťi vedea ├«ntregul line up, program ╚Öi mai multe informa╚Ťii despre ├«mpreun─â cu informa╚Ťii care s─â ├«╚Ťi hr─âneasc─â pentru pentru art─â ╚Öi muzic─â underground.

Despre feeder sound

Proiectul┬áfeeder sound II┬áeste organizat de echipa┬áSave or Cancel, compus─â din┬áCristina Popa┬á(random) ╚Öi┬áAndrei Racovi╚Ťan┬á(ubic) prin┬á, co-finan╚Ťat de┬áAFCN, Aria tematic─â: Art─â digital─â ╚Öi noile media. Proiectul nu reprezint─â ├«n mod necesar pozi╚Ťia Administra╚Ťiei Fondului Cultural Na╚Ťional.┬áAFCN┬ánu este responsabil─â de con╚Ťinutul proiectului sau de modul ├«n care rezultatele proiectului pot fi folosite. Acestea sunt ├«n ├«ntregime responsabilitatea beneficiarului finan╚Ť─ârii.

Viziteaz─â pagina proiectului feeder sound, EP reviews ╚Öi exclusive premiere pentru a fi la curent cu noile activit─â╚Ťi programate.

feeder sound este o investiga╚Ťie ├«n activitatea arti╚Ötilor locali ╚Öi interna╚Ťionali, alc─âtuit─â din seturi de DJ ╚Öi melodii contemporane curatoriate cu meticulozitate ├«ntr-o colec╚Ťie de sunete care promoveaz─â recunoa╚Öterea reciproc─â ╚Öi schimbul cultural ├«ntre muzicieni din ├«ntreaga lume.

Despre Save or Cancel

Din 2008, Save or Cancel este un mediu de comunicare ╚Öi propagare a artelor ╚Öi culturii, promov├ónd ╚Öi facilit├ónd rolul acestora ├«n societatea contemporan─â.
Programele multidisciplinare auto-ini╚Ťiate de Save or Cancel au ca scop identificarea oportunit─â╚Ťilor sustenabile ╚Öi adaptabile de (re)valorizare a existentului prin proiecte de arhitectur─â, culturale ╚Öi editoriale.

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