Unknown Artist – Botanic Minds Sunset Series 008 [Botanic Minds]

Unknown Artist - Botanic Minds Sunset Series 008 [Botanic Minds] 01

Unknown Artist – Botanic Minds Sunset Series 008 [Botanic Minds]

The well-known UK-based imprint Botanic Minds returns with its 8th pressing in the ongoing Botanic Minds Sunset Series, bringing forward an amazing four-tracker which includes two originals and two remixes by Lizz and Barut. The artist’s name isn’t directly revealed, you just have to look closer or dig a bit if you really want to find out. Early support comes from artists like Cesar Marveille, DeWalta, Nu Zau, Herck, Mihai Pol, Nima Gorji, Livio & Roby, Barac, Viceversa, Archie Hamilton, RQZ, Floog and Vlad Arapasu, to name just a few.

Since its inception in 2017, Botanic Minds constantly delivered a top-notch underground minimal sound, with names like Rowlanz, Direkt, Camelia, Pascal Benjamin, Barut and the label’s founder himself, Ted Amber, being among the ones that signed the catalogue so far. This material makes no exception from the rules of quality, exploring cosmic groovy rhythms that will make your body move and your mind fly. Let’s dive in BMSS008 and see what the tracks have to offer!

Side A opens with a hypnotic uplifting rhythm to which eerie, heavily modulated vocals and distorted effects are added, aside from the subtle warm background textures and spacious breakdowns. All those ingredients provide a perfectly balanced minimalistic track, aimed at the dancefloor. Lizz takes the journey into a deeper dimension next, with a melodic re-interpretation that focuses on its bright soundscape, built with quirky micropatterns, melancholic piano notes and ethereal whispering voices that slowly resonate here and there.

On Side B, the first cut reveals a swinging mellow ride through elegant minimalistic sounds, designed with steady-paced drumming, spiralling basslines and colourful pads that will make your head spin. Barut’s remix will add a progressive vibration to the original, closing the wax with style while leaving behind an amazing tool for selectors and collectors alike.

Unknown Artist - Botanic Minds Sunset Series 008 [Botanic Minds] 01

Grab your copy of BMSS008 at deejay.de or at juno records.


Artist: Unknown Artist
Title: Botanic Minds Sunset Series 008
Label: Botanic Minds
Cat. number: BMSS008
Release date: 03.08.2020
Format: Vinyl


Words by AndreiB


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