DeWalta Announces New Album ‘Lyra’ & New Label Off-shoot ‘Horizon Pi’ – out February

DeWalta Lyra LP - Triple LP Boxset Art

The two-part ‘Lyra’album begins the year with DeWalta’s most avant-garde, explorative project yet. His fourth large solo project and third full-length solo record, ‘Lyra’ the album consists of two separately available parts: Lyra, a double LP with six tracks on his well-established Meander imprint, and Lyra π, a single LP with five synth and ambient works which launches the new Meander ‘Horizon Pi’ series – a more contemplative off-shoot from Meander’s dancefloor releases.

DeWalta has an inspired intellectual-emotional approach matched by great talent. From his impeccable mixing to his immersive minimal-meets-saxophone performances with Mike Shannon, to his legendary Sunwaves sets, the Berlin-based producer consistently follows an original, deeply individual creative path.

Together, the three LPs comprising ‘Lyra’ have a total running time of over 100 minutes, and include a collaboration with long-time friend and Meander co-owner Fabian Geimer-Lorusso aka Jupiter.

The double LP ‘Lyra’ is a six-track celebration of the musician’s trippy minimal sound in all its glory. Thoughtful off-kilter beats are met with subtle warm harmonies in cuts like ‘Atralux’, while upbeat basslines and cosmic pads command tracks such as ‘Lyra’. As always, each sonic element is carefully considered from percussion to melody, such as the evocative melancholic meanderings in ‘Cabinet of Mirrors’.

The single LP ‘Lyra π (Pi)’heralds the Meander Horizon Pi Series, its five ambient synth pieces staking claim to DeWalta’s new musical realm. Ambient explorations in tracks such as ‘North Star’ are juxtaposed with darker, eerier experiences such as ‘Pulses’. The 180g vinyl version comes in a special package, containing a handmade see-through screen-printed PVC sleeve, plus an insert card with artwork. Combined with the separately available Lyradouble LP, customers can create a triple LP box set.

Lyra is a star-constellation in the northern hemisphere which is highest in the midnight sky in early summer. It contains one of the brightest stars in the sky – Vega. Many of the songs on this album were produced in these warm and gentle months during an inspirational creative time in Portugal.

In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the Lyre of Orpheus, Apollo’s son, a supernatural musician who entranced animals and even stones with his lyre. Made by Hermes from a tortoise-shell, it was said to be the first musical instrument ever made.

‘Lyra’ follows DeWalta’s previous LPs ‘Wander’ in 2012 (on Haunt), ‘lllumination’ in 2014 (on Meander) and ‘Dark Matter’ in 2017 (on Amphia).

Lyra drops digitally on February 22ndand vinyl February 8th. Pre-order it here:

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