watch feeder sound LIVE STREAMS ­čö┤ with MISS I (dj set) & PASR (live painting)

feeder sound LIVE MISS I (dj set) & PASR (live painting)

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watch feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with MISS I (dj set) & PASR (live painting)

Here you can watch the live stream.

July 22, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

We are thrilled to invite you to join a new episode of feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with MISS I and PASR. For the 4th live session of the series, you can listen and watch two artists expressing their visions through music and visual art. Miss I, will play two hours long set while Pasr will paint a large canvas (200 x 150 cm). The live performance will be transmitted on our fb page and here on, Wednesday the 22th of July, starting at 6:00 PM (Romania time, GMT+3).


About MISS I

With a deep understanding of music, Miss I have a vast career as a DJ, selector, records store owner, and label manager. In the calendar, you can find events where Miss I played 11 years ago, in 2009. Her dj sets are intense and emotional and exposed the crowds of distinguished underground clubs, parties and festivals like Chalet Club (Berlin), Griessmuehle (Berlin), Eden, Guesthouse, SNRS 48, ABC, RTS.FM, Bucuresti Underground, Proudly Made by Us, Waha, to deep and intricate musical experiments. Across the time, Miss I shared the stage with Rhadoo, Cosmjn, Iuly.B, Haokah, Afriqua, Vlad Arapasu, Dragoș Ilici, Giuliano Lomonte, Alexandra, Vincentiulian, Direkt, Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa, Cap, Cezar, Cristi Cons and many other delightful artists exploring the local and international landscape.

Back in 2014, we published an extended interview with Miss I, which got in the limited print edition of the feeder insider booklet. The same year we published the 4th episode of feeder sound series, recorded by Miss I, followed by x Misbits vinyl session & live painting. On you can find a distinguish category for Misbits where you can explore an inspiring selection of vinyl records, reviews, photo and videos from events. Here you can find a few pictures at the opening of the record shop.

Recently we had the pleasure to invite Miss I as a member of the jury panel for feeder sound open call.


About PASR

An enigmatic character with only a few appearances on the public scene, Pasr is around the local graffiti and street art culture since 2000. His works are rare and very precious. He puts a lot of details and effects when he is using the spray can or the marker. With a minimalistic approach, almost like he is sketching, Pass archives both contrasting and vibrant colours and soft and hard lines in a single image.

2020 PASR Krapets (BG)

The first time we saw a mural by Pasr was at Work in progress at Parcarea Ciclop, in 2013, where he painted a lovely, coloured and ultra-detailed bird eye. One year later we saw him again in action at Train Delivery at Gara de Nord, where he painted the end of an old train. From time to time, we started to discover a few more birds in Bucharest popping out in hidden places. In 2017 the emblematic eagle on Calea Victoriei appeared at the intersection with Doamnei street and happily is still there. We were surprised in a good way to see Pasr painting in the last year edition of Street Delivery. He collaborated with Sunshiners for a mural at the seaside of Bulgaria, and in 2020 Pass visited Krapetz where he did another small piece.

You can discover a fascinating selection of PasrÔÇśs artworks printed in the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book, or by exploring the digital version of the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania map.


Join the event, follow the updates on social media and stay connected to underground music and street art / graffiti scene.


Words by Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚Ťan
Photos by Petre Ghiocel – VJ VLC, Alex Iacob, ╚śtefan Tuchil─â – Ultimul Etaj, Pasr, Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚Ťan
Live transmission by Vixi


Here you can discover the previous episodes which had as guests Teluric & Maria B─âlan // Kozo & Irlo // Cr15tina & Aeul, and the complete feeder sound LIVE STREAMS ­čö┤ line up, time table and information to feed your appetite for underground music and art.


About feeder sound

The feeder sound II project is organised by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. Visit the projectÔÇÖs page feeder sound, EP reviews and exclusive premiere to find out more about past, current and future activities.


About Save or Cancel

Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.



Conecteaz─â-te la urm─âtorul feeder sound LIVE STREAMS cu MISS I (dj set) & PASR (live painting)

22 iulie 2020, 18:00

Transmisiune în direct online, pe și

Echipa este ├«nc├óntat─â s─â v─â invite s─â v─â al─âtura╚Ťi unui nou episod de feeder sound LIVE STREAMS cu MISS I ╚Öi PASR. Pentru a 4-a sesiune live a seriei, pute╚Ťi asculta ╚Öi urm─âri doi arti╚Öti care ├«╚Öi exprim─â viziunile prin muzic─â ╚Öi art─â vizual─â. Miss I, va crea un set de dou─â ore, ├«n timp ce Pasr va picta live o p├ónz─â de mari dimensiuni (200 x 150 cm). Performance-ul va fi transmis live pe pagina ╚Öi, miercuri, 22 iulie, ├«ncep├ónd cu ora 18:00.

Url live stream:


Despre MISS I

Cu o ├«n╚Ťelegere profund─â a muzicii, Miss I are o vast─â carier─â ca DJ, curatoare de sunete, fondatoare a magazinului Misbits ╚Öi manager de label. ├Än calendarul, pute╚Ťi g─âsi evenimente ├«n care Miss I a performat ├«n urm─â cu 11 ani, ├«n 2009. DJ seturile ei sunt intense ╚Öi emo╚Ťionante ╚Öi au expus audien╚Ťele unor cluburi underground, petreceri ╚Öi festivaluri precum Chalet Club (Berlin), Griessmuehle (Berlin), Eden, Guesthouse, SNRS 48, ABC, RTS.FM, Bucuresti Underground, Proudly Made by Us, Waha, la experimente muzicale profunde ╚Öi complexe. De-a lungul timpului, Miss I a ├«mp─âr╚Ťit scena cu Rhadoo, Cosmjn, Iuly.B, Haokah, Afriqua, Vlad Arapasu, Drago╚Ö Ilici, Giuliano Lomonte, Alexandra, Vincentiulian, Direkt, Dan Andrei, Paul Agripa, Cap, Cezar, Cristi Cons ╚Öi mul╚Ťi al╚Ťi arti╚Öti interesan╚Ťi care exploreaz─â peisajul local ╚Öi interna╚Ťional.


├Än 2014, a publicat un interviu extins cu Miss I, care a ap─ârut ├«n edi╚Ťia limitat─â tip─ârit─â a booklet-ului feeder insider. ├Än acela╚Öi an, a publicat cel de-al patrulea episod al seriei de podcast-uri feeder sound, ├«nregistrat de Miss I, urmat de evenimentul x Misbits vinyl session & live painting. Pe pute╚Ťi g─âsi o categorie distinct─â pentru Misbits, unde pute╚Ťi explora o selec╚Ťie inspirat─â de viniluri, recenzii, fotografii ╚Öi videoclipuri de la evenimente. Aici pute╚Ťi g─âsi c├óteva imagini la deschiderea magazinului de discuri.


Despre PASR

Un personaj enigmatic cu doar c├óteva apari╚Ťii pe scena public─â, Pasr se afl─â ├«n zona culturii graffiti ╚Öi a artei stradale din anul 2000. Lucr─ârile sale sunt rare ╚Öi foarte pre╚Ťioase. El creeaz─â o mul╚Ťime de detalii ╚Öi efecte atunci c├ónd folose╚Öte spray cans sau markere. Cu o abordare minimalist─â, aproape ca ╚Öi c├ónd ar schi╚Ťa, Pass ob╚Ťine at├ót culori contrastante ╚Öi vibrante, c├ót ╚Öi linii moi ╚Öi dure ├«ntr-o singur─â imagine.

Una dintre cele mai impresionante lucr─âri murale ale lui Pasr a fost v─âzut─â la Work in Progress, ├«n Parcarea Ciclop, ├«n 2013, unde a pictat un ochi de pas─âre minunat, colorat ╚Öi ultra-detaliat. Un an mai t├órziu s-a al─âturat ac╚Ťiunii de la Train Delivery, la Gara de Nord, unde a pictat cap─âtul unui tren vechi. Din c├ónd ├«n c├ónd, c├óteva p─âs─âri apar prin locuri ascunse din Bucure╚Öti. ├Än 2017, emblematicul vultur de pe Calea Victoriei a ap─ârut la intersec╚Ťia cu strada Doamnei ╚Öi, din fericire, este ├«nc─â acolo. Trec─âtorii au fost pl─âcut surprin╚Öi s─â vad─â muralul lui Pasr ├«n cadrul edi╚Ťiei de anul trecut a festivalului Street Delivery. A colaborat cu Sunshiners pentru un mural pe litoralul Bulgariei, iar ├«n 2020 Pass a vizitat Krapetz unde a f─âcut o alt─â pies─â mic─â.

Pute╚Ťi descoperi o selec╚Ťie fascinant─â a operelor de art─â ale lui Pasr, tip─ârite ├«n cartea Un-hidden Street Art in Romania sau explor├ónd versiunea digital─â a h─âr╚Ťii Un-hidden Street Art in Romania.


Al─âtur─â-te evenimentului, urm─âre╚Öte updates pe re╚Ťelele de socializare ╚Öi r─âm├ói conectat/─â la muzic─â underground ╚Öi cultura street art / graffiti.


Text de Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚ŤanÔÇĘ

Fotografii de Petre Ghiocel ÔÇô VJ VLC, Alex Iacob, ╚śtefan Tuchil─â ÔÇô Ultimul Etaj, Pasr, Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovi╚ŤanÔÇĘ

Transmisie live de Vixi


Edi╚Ťiile precedente feeder sound live streams au avut ca invita╚Ťi arti╚Ötii Teluric & Maria B─âlan // Kozo & Irlo // Cr15tina & Aeul. Aici po╚Ťi vedea ├«ntregul line up, program ╚Öi mai multe informa╚Ťii despre ├«mpreun─â cu informa╚Ťii care s─â ├«╚Ťi hr─âneasc─â pentru pentru art─â ╚Öi muzic─â underground.



Despre feeder sound

Proiectul feeder sound II este organizat de echipa Save or Cancel, compus─â din Cristina Popa (random) ╚Öi Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic) prin,co-finan╚Ťat de AFCN, Aria tematic─â: Art─â digital─â ╚Öi noile media. Proiectul nu reprezint─â ├«n mod necesar pozi╚Ťia Administra╚Ťiei Fondului Cultural Na╚Ťional. AFCN nu este responsabil─â de con╚Ťinutul proiectului sau de modul ├«n care rezultatele proiectului pot fi folosite. Acestea sunt ├«n ├«ntregime responsabilitatea beneficiarului finan╚Ť─ârii.

Viziteaz─â pagina proiectului feeder sound, EP reviews ╚Öi exclusive premiere pentru a fi la curent cu noile activit─â╚Ťi programate.

feeder sound este o investiga╚Ťie ├«n activitatea arti╚Ötilor locali ╚Öi interna╚Ťionali, alc─âtuit─â din seturi de DJ ╚Öi melodii contemporane curatoriate cu meticulozitate ├«ntr-o colec╚Ťie de sunete care promoveaz─â recunoa╚Öterea reciproc─â ╚Öi schimbul cultural ├«ntre muzicieni din ├«ntreaga lume.


Despre Save or Cancel

Din 2008, Save or Cancel este un mediu de comunicare ╚Öi propagare a artelor ╚Öi culturii, promov├ónd ╚Öi facilit├ónd rolul acestora ├«n societatea contemporan─â.
Programele multidisciplinare auto-ini╚Ťiate de Save or Cancel au ca scop identificarea oportunit─â╚Ťilor sustenabile ╚Öi adaptabile de (re)valorizare a existentului prin proiecte de arhitectur─â, culturale ╚Öi editoriale.



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