Misbits’ Pick: The Emerald EP

The Emerald

Sounds originating in the calmer and more peaceful realms of electronic music have always been the perfect retreat for us. Proving to be the ideal soundtrack for certain states of mind or  just depicting the artist’s intriguing & twisted universe, electronic music dressed in ambient tones comes with a story to tell, but it’s up to you do discover the narrative thread.

With this idea in mind, The Emerald EP presents itself as the opening chapter of an electronic experiment, proposed by Misbits Recordings. One after another, Romeo Poirier, Boris Hegenbart & David Moss and Christopher James add pieces to this sound puzzle: space robots, fragments found in old radio archives and memories from retro future laboratories reveal weird snapshots, hidden into the dusted eerie atmosphere. Now it’s up to you to join the dots.

Side B comes in handy for DJs and producers: a few carefully chosen locked grooves, to add substance to any performance.

Presenting itself as a collectors’ item, a 10 inch format with an amazing cover as the first piece of a bigger puzzle, The Emerald EP may not be your usual cup of tea, yet it may hold the key to a world full of beautifully crafted soundscapes.

Available now at misbits.ro, juno.co.uk and yoyaku.io

Artist: VA
Title: The Emerald
Label: Misbits Recordings
Release date: 10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


words by: Vixi

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