Serebe x – round pins

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Serebe x - black & yellow + multicolour

Serebe x – round pins: black & yellow + multicoloured

It feels wonderful to share with you the results of one of our collaborations with an amazingly talented artist, Serebe. Her two interpretations of the logo are super cute, each in its own way. They both come in two sizes, large and small.

The present pin features her line drawings on a multicoloured background, with patches of yellow, blue, purple, pink and green, overlaid by a black logo – shop here

The present pin features her line drawings on a blackboard background, with a yellow, liquid dripping logo on top – shop here

L – ⌀ 5,8 cm
S – ⌀ 3,4 cm

Printed and laminated illustration, placed on a round metal base, with a safety pin clasp.

logo Serebe SRB

About Serebe

We have known Serebe as a street artist, but her artistic direction is constantly evolving and changing. Using strong, contrasting colours, Serebe paints and draws on whatever medium paint transfers onto, from walls, clothes, stickers, colouring books to tracing paper.

The works, characters and illustrations she creates manage to evoke that feeling you might associate with the term cute. Around this cuteness gravitates an illustrated universe of imaginary characters, monsters and other beings that define Serebe’s style.

Serebe has had contributions to numerous group exhibitions and has developed personal projects such as the acclaimed ADHD Chromatic 1 and 2. She is always present and involved in T-shirt fest, European Comic, and many other fairs and gatherings of local artists and creators.

Some time ago, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Serebe to organize the “Paint-a-monument @ MNAC” drawing and screen printing workshop for children. In 2020, as part of one of the feeder sound live streams, Serebe painted a painting, while Dan Andrei created a 2-hour set. On the occasion of the start of the 2021 school year, as part of the Street Art Bucharest project, Save or Cancel invited Serebe to paint a mural at Special Secondary School No. 9, with the participation of students.

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