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this week on feeder

Happy Monday, everybody! This week, which started with a snowy ❄️atmosphere here in Bucharest, we have the following recommendations for you that might bring some warm vibes. ♨️ You can find on 3 EP reviews, 1 exclusive premiere, 1 list, and 1 feeder sound podcast, this week. 🔊

MON 11/01/2021

Yaklev – Manian Romanian (Cosmic Clap Remix) [Yaklev Ryche]

Russian artist Anton Voroshilov aka Yaklev announces the first pressing to arrive from his freshly founded record label Yaklev Ryche to arrive soon alongside Cosmic Clap on remix duties. Listen to the premiere here. 🔊

Lescale Recordings announces 'Boulow EP' with Bill It

Bill It – Boulow EP [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings announces ‘Boulow EP’ with Bill It, a quality minimal techno release, with power synths and elegant percussions. Read more

2020 Sketches by artists

Colour the works of your favourite artists

Download and colour the sketches of some of the most appreciated local and international graffiti writers, illustrators, street artists, painters and designers. Read more

TUE 12/01/2021

Those Three – Blind EP [Those Series]

Soon in the EP review column! 🔊

WED 13/01/2021

6 experimental sets by Raresh, Piticu, Borusiade, Derek, Vlad Caia, g76 & Afumati

Discover 6 experimental sets recorded by RareshPiticuBorusiadeDerekVlad Caiag76 and Afumati (CezarLazar & Praslea)

In this silent January of 2021, we invite you to taste a different side of electronic music, one more close to our current state.

Soon in the list column.

THU 14/01/2021

VA (Steve O’ Sullivan, RQZ, Dot, Louiv) – HMV04 [Honne Music]

Soon in the EP review column! 🔊

FRI 15/01/2021

feeder sound with Dan Andrei

Soon in the feeder sound column! 🔊

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Enjoy your time and have a good week!

Words by Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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