Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music recently released on vinyl

Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music recently released on vinyl

Read about some of the most intriguing electronic music recently released on vinyl column is the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive premieres, fresh releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks. For the past 3 years, the collaboration with has brought to light a large series of articles about the local and international underground electronic music. Today, on, you can read more than 800 EP & LP reviews, covering all shades and colours from the minimal, micro-house, deep, deep tech, house and techno spectrum. Being one of the major vinyl distributors in the EU and around the world, the online store numbers more than 200.000 titles. For us, it’s more than a pleasure to crate dig daily in the infinite catalogue and select some of the most intriguing electronic music. Check out the latest additions to the vinyl collection and grab your copies at

Triad – Chong Ji Pai (Dubphone Remix)

Vlad Arapasu – Vesica Piscis EP [Unic]

Filipp – Miletus EP [Geodesic]

Aney F. – Time Existence [CUE]

Various – H24001 [H24 Records]

ONNO – Cloud Control (Dubphone Remix) [Seve17een]

Various – Five Years Of Love [Castanea Records]

Unknown – OUVERT004 [Ouvert]

Filipp – Stuffz EP [Swiftness]

Various – DRUZHBA009 [Druzhba]

Mancini, Tijn – Wogglebug EP [Vuew]

Various – Into The Cave [Na Zrak Records]

Dubphone, Patrascu – Talking Machines EP [Bad Barbie Records]

G76 – Giarmata Plutonium [Naural]

Unknown – Stowaway 005 [Stowaway]

Sensek – Spinfoam [ViGi]

Priku – OCTO001 [Octophonic]

Miroloja – Kard [Hubble Recordings]

Julian – Mind Blowing Thoughts EP [Eliptic]

Vid – No Ginger No Fun EP [Visage LTD]

Anxious Delay Group – Fast Feeling [Adg Groove Laboratory]

Paul Walter – No Boundaries EP [Malonian]

Jorge Savoretti – ATIPIC009 [Atipic]

Unisson – Tanz Mania [UNS Records]

Unknown – TELUM005 [Telum]

Lulla – Juju Embers [Cedesciu Wax]


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Words by: Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)



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