Unknown – Stowaway 005 [Stowaway]

Unknown – Stowaway 005 [Stowaway]

The local record label Stowaway returns with its fifth pressing, an engaging three-tracker which, just like we’re accustomed to, remains untitled in order to keep the focus only on the music. Although word on the street is that Nu Zau is behind the productions, it’s better to assume that this is just a possibility and try not to bother even searching and let the music do the talking instead. STOWAWAY005 packs a crisp and otherworldy deep vibration, ready to delight everyone on any kind of dancefloor out there.

With the series enjoying support from the likes of Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea and many others we can say that the EPs sure deliver the sound while standing as an argument for the true purpose that producers follow when in the studio. In a world dominated by trends and marketing procedures, an unnamed record is always welcomed, as it offers exactly what people want, and that is good underground music.

Here’s a preview of how the wax sounds, supported by Priku:

Side A is dedicated to a steady-paced composition designed with groovy percussive elements, bright pads and smooth atmospheres. The build-ups reveal engaging variations, funky rhythms and melodic synth patterns perfect to be played on peak-time moments. The feeling is passed over to Side B where we first find an uplifting track built with minimalistic house sequences, swinging themes and swirling effects, while the closing cut has a more progressive approach. Here, the rotating sounds and the solid bassline manage to bring the breakbeat infused percussive layers into focus with help from the ever-evolving background textures and spacious arrangements. Definitely a pressing that stands out, Stowaway 005 has everything a passionate collector or selector needs in his bag of records.

Unknown - Stowaway 005 [Stowaway] 2

Grab your copy of Stowaway 005 at deejay.de


Artist: Unknown
Title: Stowaway 005
Label: Stowaway
Cat. number: STOWAWAY005
Release date: 15.01.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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