feeder sound exclusive premiere: Gruia – Un Vechi Inceput [Aesthetic]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Gruia – Un Vechi Inceput [Aesthetic]

The eight pressing to arrive from Aesthetic features four fresh tracks signed by Catalin Postelnicu aka Gruia, a local DJ and producer with serious credentials when it comes to his activity in the electronic music scene. Functioning as a sublabel for Constant Sound, the imprint previously dispatched materials from artists like Josh Baker, Alfa, Niko Maxen, Kepler, Swoy, Nick Beringer, stevn.aint.leavn, Sy, LOy and Nolga.

Founded in 2015, Burnski and Jon Woodall’s Constant Sound has established itself as an underground favourite, focusing on blurring the boundaries between groovy house and dynamic techno. From trippy electronica to minimal, the label brought forward numerous releases, including those delivered by its sublabels Aesthetic, Cardiology, Constant Black, Constant Digital, Infiltrate, Instinct and Vivid. Gruia‘s EP adds even more spice to the catalogue, with all the tracks being carefully crafted in order to provide an immersive experience. His previous collaborations with Sonet, Viva Music, Degree Records, Natural Rhythm and Circus Recordings as well as his extended activity as a DJ make him a true connoisseur of the art of mixing and production.

💥 Time to enjoy the full-length B2. “Un Vechi Inceput” exclusively on feeder sound:

“Work on the track started out as an experiment during a recording session a few years back. Having a microphone placed close to the speakers and running the signal through a sampler where the voice could be pitched up and down in real-time resulted in some interesting low fidelity feedback, similar to a tape delay as well as some extreme and unpredictable distortion and destructuring of the sound. Coming back to those recordings some time later resulted in the final edit.” – Gruia

The cut provides an uplifting sound infused with funky arrangements, alluring background textures, hypnotic effects and perfectly placed piano keys. The percussion is prominent and the breakdowns steadily build tension making the journey perfect for peak time moments at any kind of party.

“Neutron Starlet” opens the wax with a playful minimalistic tech-house sound where wave after wave of wobbling patterns render a trippy atmosphere, while the following track “Din Eter” spins with a sustained pad in focus, as well as with heavily modulated vocals which are fragments from a poem by Fiodor Tiutcev. “Jalea Viului” features bits and pieces of electric voices sampled from Romanian folklore to which oscillating effects and intense build-ups are added, making it perfect for the dancefloor.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of AESTHETIC08 at deejay.de.


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Artist: Gruia
Title: B2. Un Vechi Inceput / AESTHETIC08
Label: Aesthetic
Release Date: 13.05.2020
Format: Vinyl


Words by: AndreiB


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