Watch a new video & discover remarkable street art in Bucharest

Un-hidden street art in Bucharest all 2019

Watch a new video & discover remarkable street art in Bucharest

Hello, dear feeders, readers, listeners and the new world. It is the 5th weekend and 32 days since we experience a total lockdown (or/and quarantine, isolation) in Bucharest. We know you might be facing hard times and we encourage you to try to adapt to the current situation and regulations and stay well informed.

After we published this Participatory article we learned that you can turn the situation in your favour by working a lot while strengthening your skills. As a news agency for the alternative nation, the entire team is trying to feed your curiosity for art and music by constantly publishing new content to keep you in a positive vibe. Find out How to support your favourite artists during physical distancing through social solidarity, Join the feeder sound OPEN CALL for DJs and producers or try to colour one of the sketches of some of the most respected graffiti writers, illustrators, street artists, painters, designers and graphic designers in the country.

While staying home, you can watch this video presenting some of the recent street artworks in Bucharest made by active and independent artists, such as Aito Kitazaki (JP), Akacorleone (PT), Ana Bănică, ERPS, ETC, Homeboyldj, IRLO, J.Ace (UK) x Raid, John Dot S, KAPS Crew, KERO, KITRA, Kseleqoqynqyshy, Lucian Hrisav, Maria Bălan, Creaturi drăguțe aka My Cute Creatures, Obie Platon, Pisica Patrata, Pren, Reg, Robert OBERT, Saddo, Sweet Damage Crew [Recis, Lost Optics, Cage, Pandele, Boeme1], Toybox and Vvander Viață.


Stay safe, stay curious and try to find interesting ways to enjoy this spring spent indoors.


Text: Cristina Popa (random), Andrei Racovițan (ubic) / ©
Video: Petre Ghiocel (VJ VLC) / ©


About Un-hidden Romania multi-annual program

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania editorial project

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania aims to humanise and promote the knowledge of cities in Romania and Moldova, proposing their exploration through independent urban art, with the help of an exceptional publication, available online and in print, bilingual, for locals and tourists. The book presents over 120 independent artistic interventions and information about their authors.



Un-hidden Romanian Culture celebrates National Culture Day 2020:
Un-hidden Romanian Culture exhibition, John Dot S & Maria Bălan workshops, Robert Obert live painting, Dragutesku & Deez dj sets @ Galeria Imbold, Acuarela, Bucharest
Un-hidden Romanian Culture exhibition & MoBra live act @ Visssual, Brașov


Kseleqoqynqyshy – Mural @ Lente
Maria Bălan – Linocut workshop x DIPLOMA @ Cina building
Un-hidden Romania – Street art exhibition x Acuarela @ Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor with Pisica Pătrată, Livi Po, Kseleqoqynqyshy, John Dot S, Maria Bălan & Skinny Bunny
Un-hidden Romania – Street art map online version @
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour (6, 7)
Online art gallery – Online store @
Aito Kitazaki – Mural @ Lente
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour @ Cartierul Creativ (4, 5)
Un-hidden Bucharest – Street art exhibition @ Romanian Design Week with Pisica Pătrată, Kseleqoqynqyshy, John Dot S, Maria Bălan
– Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance


Un-hidden Bucharest – Street art map print version
iZZY iZVNE – Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance
Pisica Pătrată – Painting @ Cina building – M60 Space
Livi Po – Mural @ Dizainăr
Kseleqoqynqyshy – Mural @ Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance
John Dot S – Stencil workshop @ Dizainăr
Maria Bălan – Linocut workshop @ Cina building – M60 Space
John Dot S – Street art installation @ Omnia Hall (CNDB)
Open Doors – Travel Outside the box – Guided tour (2)
Paul Dunca – Guided tour (3)


Paul Dunca – Guided tour (1)
Sorina Vazelina și Primitiv Print – Mural & screen printing @ Lente
VJ VLC – Video mapping @ Cinema Marconi
Skinny Bunny – Painting @ Omnia Hall (CNDB)
Pisica Pătrată – Totem @ Lente


Visit the project’s page Un-hidden Romania to find out more about past, current and future activities.

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania

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