Un-hidden Romania interview with Aito Kitazaki

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Recently the Japanese 🇯🇵 street artist Aito Kitazaki and his partner in life, Saki Kitazaki, were visiting Bucharest. Currently, Aito Kitazaki is travelling the world painting manga-inspired characters combined with calligraphy and personal perspectives while Saki Kitazaki is filming all the nice murals and funny stuff along their adventure. We were happy to be the tour guides, so we arrange an alternative route through the city to show them the local vibes. We only had one day to check out places where he can make a new mural, so no time to waste. We had to move quickly. We were happy to randomly meet ERPS, one of the first graffiti writers in Romania, at Corner Shop. We‘ve passed by Pant Village and Street Delivery, where they could see a few of the local graffiti writers’ works. At the end of the day, they decided to paint a mural at Lente, adding a new layer of spirit and meaning, while continuing the series of murals alongside Sorina Vazelina & Primitiv PrintLivia Fălcaru & Reg, IrloPisica PătratăPraf de cretă, Saddo & Pren, Ada MușatCutărică, KitrăAitch.

Because Aito Kitazaki is aiming to be the number one street artist in the world, he worked almost non-stop for two days. He didn‘t eat until late in the night, when he felt he was done for the day. Before he left, we got the chance to record a short video, exclusively for you:

“This piece is about Japanese rain. The title is also “The Rain”. I want to explain the complicated expressions of Japanese. I painted the rain from the Japanese. Actually, the Japanese meaning of ”rain” is a little bit different. Winter rain, summer rain… Japan has over 400 meanings of rain. This is what I want to express through my piece.” – Un-hidden Romania interview with Aito Kitazaki

Title: Rain / 雨 [AME]
It`s said that there are over 400 words representing “rain” in Japanese.
However, there are hardly any modern Japanese people who understand and use them all.
The Japanese culture that people in the world respect is not about Japanese people.
It`s about “Japanese words” that brought up unique Japanese culture.

Character: Itsuki / 五木



“This is the first time to visit Bucharest, Romania 🇷🇴
Thanks to the support of FEEDER.ro we were able to leave the best murals in the best city.

The place where I painted the mural is Lente.
It was a very unique place combining street art and a restaurant, and the staff are wonderful people.

One of the projects of FEEDER.ro who supported the mural work this time is working on Un-hidden Romania which is to create a street art map for people explore street art in Bucharest. And my mural will join on this map.” – Aito Kitazaki


FEEDER.ro のサポートのおかげで最高の環境で最高の壁画を残す事ができた。

壁画を描いた場所は Lente.

今回壁画制作をサポートしてくれた FEEDER.ro が行なっているプロジェクトの一つ Un-hidden Romania ではストリートアートマップを制作し、それを見ながらブカレスト市内のストリートアートを探索することができる。そして今回の自分の壁画もそのマップに載る予定だ。

Check out episode 26 of Aito Kitazaki and Kitazaki Saki adventure trip, and discover their view on Bucharest.


Follow Aito Kitazaki on his websiteig, yt and fb.

Article by Cristina Popa (random) Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

Photos and video by Petre Ghiocel / © feeder.ro

Soundtrack by Reclame – 35 Years in acido [Tzinah Records]


This article is part of the Un-hidden Romania series of interviews with street art and graffiti artists, published weekly on feeder.ro. Together we will enter their artistic universe and learn how the city can be regenerated through artistic interventions in the public space.


Keep your eyes on feeder.ro, we’ll publish new interviews soon with iZZY iZVNE, Maria BălanJohn Dot S, Livi Po, J.Ace, Robert Obert, KSELEQOQYNQYSHY, Primitiv Print, Livia Fălcaru, Skinny Bunny, Obie Platon, Alina Marinescu, Maria Duda, Trun, Meguru Yamaguchi, Daia – Diana Grigore, Jan Kaláb, Juli Jah, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Mihai Zgondoiu, Irina Marinescu, Kero Zen, Lost.Optics, Serebe, CAGE, ILUC, Nicolae Comănescu, Nicolás Alfalfa, Boeme1, SUNSHINERS, Pisica Pătrată, Alexander Blot, and more.

Un-hidden Romania is an urban regeneration programme conceived as a series of artistic interventions designed for the public space, co-created with the community, aiming at humanizing Bucharest and other cities in the country, as well as promoting their understanding and exploration through art.

The digital version of the street art map is available here:

Un-hidden Romania is an urban regeneration programme conceived as a series of artistic interventions designed for the public space, co-created with the community, aiming at humanizing Bucharest and promoting its understanding and exploration through art.

The Un-hidden Bucharest project was selected in the Multidisciplinary section of the Romanian Design Week 2019 exhibition, where it showcased, alongside the printed map, miniatures and objects by Pisica PătratăMaria BălanJohn Dot S KSELEQOQYNQYSHY.

About Save or Cancel
Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorization of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.

The Un-hidden Romania street art project is organized by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic), through feeder.ro.

Visit the project’s page Un-hidden Romania to find out more about past, current and future activities.

Un-hidden Romania

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