Saad Ayub is back with a smashing release titled “The People EP”

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the_people Saad Ayub

Saad Ayub is back with a smashing release titled “The People EP”

“The People EP” is a two track release by Saad Ayub. The EP includes tracks “The People” and “Roulette” each with its own interpretation of music, each designed to make you dance.

The People – Influenced by the famous Marilyn Manson tune “Beautiful People”, is a true peak time dancefloor damager. This melodic techno has everything you need to keep it going hard well into the night.

Roulette – The choppy vocals with stab synths care of the Roland SE-02 gives this B-side an identity of its own. Just like the title track, Roulette will keep you grooving to the peak time drum and rhythmic bassline.

“”The People” is an homage to some of the most iconic music and sounds that I grew up with: Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People, and Daft Punk’s Vocoder sound from Faster Stronger. These are my interpretations of melodic techno & peak time techno, and I hope you enjoy them as much I did creating them.” – Saad Ayub

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