DIPLOMA party x feeder.ro w/ Piktor, Irina Mocanu

BTLT: Closing Party DIPLOMA x feeder.ro w/ Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud Mudwasser

Closing Party DIPLOMA x feeder.ro with Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud Mudwasser [UPDATED]

Saturday, 19th of October, 18:00 – 23:00
DIPLOMA Central Space, C.A. Rosetti 3 (George Enescu Square), Bucharest

18:00 – 20:00 – Piktor (dj set) & Irina Mocanu (live painting)
20:00 – 23:00 – Eirwud Mudwasser


Scroll all the way down to see the full-length video and the making of.


feeder sound LIVE ­čö┤ stream 06:00 – 09:00 PM [(GMT+03:00) Eastern European Time

DIPLOMA and feeder.ro join forces to give you the festival Closing Party with the proper mix of art and sound. On this occasion, we present a special edition of feeder sound LIVE stream series that bridges Piktor’s DJ set with Irina Mocanu‘s live painting, a chance to experience a multidisciplinary performance by two artists from different fields, complementing each other’s work. The evening takes on a distinct spin with Eirwud Mudwasser‘s intricately layered minimalist selections, laced with eclectic references and an unmistakable Balearic vibe.

Work hard, party harder!

Piktor (dj set)

Born in Romania and now residing in Vienna, Austria, Piktor is well-known for his vibrant selections as a DJ, as well as for his collaborations with Lokomotiv, Subtil Records and Baumbaum Label, where he recently dropped ÔÇťSecond ThoughtsÔÇŁ EP. Piktor produced feeder sound’s second vinyl-only release titled ÔÇťSimilar FeelingsÔÇŁ, which contains three fresh original tracks and features the Un-hidden mural artwork by KSELEQOQYNQYSHY. Last year, his mix for the feeder sound podcast series was number 1 in the annual TOP 10.

Closing Party Diploma x feeder sound with Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud MudwasserIrina Mocanu (live painting)

Irina Mocanu works and lives in Bucharest, where she creates and experiments in multiple areas such as illustration, animation, product design or street art. She is a person who “expresses better through visuals”, approaching in her works a wide spectrum of topics and techniques that interact directly with the viewer. As a designer, Irina Mocanu produced the project LumiLuna, which brings the moon into people’s homes in a pleasant and useful way.

Together with Sandy Bălășoiu, they form Graffete, a female street art crew that illustrates creative ideas in the public space. Last year, they were involved in the project amunoras.ro within the Street Delivery Bucharest festival.

The Un-hidden Romania street art map lists some of the work done by Irina Mocanu, and soon we have the opportunity to see her creative process, step by step.

Eirwud Mudwasser

The alias of young Romanian producer Vlad Matei speaks of a spiritual bond with nature and of longing toward purity of form in the eclectic tastes that make up his sound.
In his productions as well as DJ sets, the heady brew that defines his sound is a mix of new beat, dub, tribal house, Berlin School electronics, classic afro-cosmic spins and the leftfield take on ‘balearic’ that has gained ground in recent years.
Warm yet vicious, the balance between the metallic and the organic is like a vibrating core throughout the tracks on his debut 12″ for Balearic Social.
As he is not one for short cuts, these are the fruits of careful arrangements on classic synth gear.
Much of his style can also be traced to his fascination with the aesthetics of Japanese martial arts movies, which lends substance to his disciplined approach: sometimes bordering on the minimalistic but always with a window open towards the wilderness.
words by Simon Eliasson.

In 2019, Eirwud Mudwasser produces a limited edition vinyl LP released by Japanese record label Snaker.


About Diploma

DIPLOMA festival represents the ideal context for the general public to discover the youngest generation of artists and creatives from Romania before they become famous. In addition, it is a true opportunity for creatives to have their first contact with the art market and the professional environment they aspire to.


The 2019 DIPLOMA edition presents the best graduation work of the next generation of artists and creatives, graduates from all vocational-creative faculties in Romania, such as fine arts, decorative arts, architecture and design, selected by a creative board made up of seniors in creative fields: architects, designers, gallerists, cultural managers, urban planners, photographers, stylists, editors, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, all active and dedicated professionals.


About feeder sound

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. The feeder sound new media project aims to create new artistic expression opportunities for young musicians and producers, such as the feeder sound OPEN CALL for audio creations for young musicians/producers.

For the past five years, every Friday, feeder.ro invites you to listen to a new episode of feeder sound podcasts. 2019 sees the project expand on a multidisciplinary dimension, adding a visual component to turn each feeder sound LIVE stream video performance into a new and completely different experience. Once a month, starting Wednesday 24th of July and ending Saturday 19th of October 2019, you can connect with your favourite artists and be part of the feeder.ro story.

The feeder sound project is organized by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic), through feeder.ro and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Partners: CNDB, Zeppelin, Igloo, The Institute

Photo & video: Petre Ghiocel / ┬ę feeder.ro

Live-streaming: Vixi (4pe4.ro) / ┬ę feeder.ro


Discover all the artists involved in the feeder sound LIVE project and the activities calendar:
DRAGUTESKU (dj set) & ERPS (live painting) – Wed 24th of July, 6:00 – 8:00 PM – see video here
OANA (dj set) & LIVI PO (live painting) – Wed 28th of Aug, 6:00 – 8:00 PM – see video here
ADA KALEH (dj set)& KSELEQOQYNQYSHY (live painting) – Wed 25th of Sep, 6:00 – 8:00 PM – see video here
PIKTOR (dj set) & IRINA MOCANU (live painting) @ Closing Party DIPLOMA x feeder.ro – Sat 19th of Oct, 6:00 – 8:00 PM – see video here


Visit the projectÔÇÖs page feeder sound, EP reviews and exclusive premiere to find out more about past, current and future activities.

About The Institute
The Institute promotes the local creative industries, aiming to contribute to modernizing Romania. The Institute has created and organized events for 20 years now and brings together designers, entrepreneurs and the audience of creative industries. Through everything we do we contribute to building a strong infrastructure for developing creative industries, we grow and diversify the audience of workshops, designers, small businesses, agencies and manufacturers, we promote creative entrepreneurs in Romania and in the region. The Institute is the founder of Romanian Design Week, DIPLOMA, AdPrint, Internetics, Gala Societ─â╚Ťii Civile, Cartierul Creativ, and the organiser of Effie Awards Rom├ónia, ┼×coala ADC*RO and ADC*RO Awards.
About Save or Cancel
Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorization of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.


Closing Party DIPLOMA x feeder.ro w/ Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud Mudwasser [LIVE ­čö┤ STREAM]

S├ómb─ât─â, 19 Octombrie, 18:00 – 23:00
DIPLOMA Spa╚Ťiul Central, C.A. Rosetti 3 (Pia╚Ťa George Enescu), Bucure╚Öti

18:00 – 20:00 – Piktor (dj set) Irina Mocanu (live painting)
20:00 – 23:00 – Eirwud Mudwasser

feeder sound LIVE ­čö┤ stream 06:00 – 09:00 PM [(GMT+03:00) Eastern European Time]

DIPLOMA ╚Öi feeder.ro ├«╚Öi unesc for╚Ťele pentru a v─â oferi petrecerea de ├«ncheiere cu un amestec corect de art─â ╚Öi sunet. Cu aceast─â ocazie, v─â prezent─âm o edi╚Ťie special─â a seriei feeder sound LIVE stream, care creeaz─â o punte ├«ntre DJ set-ul lui Piktor ╚Öi pictura live a Irina Mocanu, o ╚Öans─â de a experimenta un performance multidisciplinar realizat de doi arti╚Öti din domenii diferite, complet├óndu-se reciproc. Seara ia un spin distinct cu selec╚Ťiile minimaliste stratificate ale lui Eirwud Mudwasser, pres─ârate / ├«mbinate cu referin╚Ťe eclectice ╚Öi o atmosfer─â balearic─â inconfundabil─â.


Piktor (dj set)

N─âscut ├«n Rom├ónia ╚Öi domiciliat acum ├«n Viena, Austria, Piktor este cunoscut pentru selec╚Ťiile sale vibrante ca DJ, precum ╚Öi pentru colabor─ârile sale cu Lokomotiv, Subtil Records ╚Öi Baumbaum Label, unde a lansat recent EP-ul ÔÇ×Second ThoughtsÔÇŁ. Piktor a produs cel de-al doilea vinil feeder sound, intitulat ÔÇ×Similar FeelingsÔÇŁ, care con╚Ťine trei piese originale ╚Öi a c─ârui copert─â prezint─â opera de art─â mural─â Un-hidden de KSELEQOQYNQYSHY. Anul trecut, mixul s─âu pentru seria de podcasturi feeder sound a fost num─ârul 1 ├«n TOP 10 anual.

Closing Party Diploma x feeder sound with Piktor, Irina Mocanu, Eirwud MudwasserIrina Mocanu (live painting)

Irina Mocanu lucreaz─â ╚Öi locuie╚Öte ├«n Bucure╚Öti, unde creeaz─â ╚Öi experimenteaz─â ├«n multiple arii precum ilustra╚Ťie, anima╚Ťie, design de produs sau street art. Este o persoan─â care ÔÇ×vorbe╚Öei mai bine prin vizualÔÇŁ, abord├ónd├«n lucr─ârile ei un spectru larg de teme ╚Öi tehnici care interac╚Ťioneaz─â direct cu privitorul. Ca designer, Irina Mocanu a realizat proiectul LumiLuna, care aduce luna ├«n casa oamenilor ├«ntr-un mod pl─âcut ╚Öi util.

├Ämpreun─â cu Sandy B─âl─â╚Öoiu formeaz─â Graffete, un crew feminin de street art care ilustreaz─â idei creative ├«n spa╚Ťiul public. Anul trecut, au fost implicate ├«n proiectul amunoras.ro ├«n cadrul Street Delivery Bucure╚Öti.

Harta Un-hidden Romania indexează câteva dintre lucrările realizate de Irina Mocanu, iar în curând avem ocazia să vedem procesul ei de lucru, pas cu pas.

Eirwud Mudwasser

Aliasul t├ón─ârului produc─âtor rom├ón Vlad Matei vorbe╚Öte despre o leg─âtur─â spiritual─â cu natura ╚Öi despre dorin╚Ťa spre o puritate a formei ├«n gusturile eclectice care ├«i alc─âtuiesc sunetul.├Än produc╚Ťiile sale, precum ╚Öi ├«n DJ sets, formula constant─â, care-i define╚Öte sunetul, este un mix de ritmuri noi, dub, tribal house, Berlin School electronics, clasice afro-cosmice ╚Öi abordarea leftfield asupra ÔÇ×balearicÔÇŁ care a c├ó╚Ötigat teren ├«n anii recen╚Ťi. C─âlduros, dar vicios, echilibrul dintre metal ╚Öi organic este ca un miez care oscileaz─â de-a lungul pieselor din debutul s─âu 12″ la Balearic Social. Deoarece nu este genul care prefer─â buc─â╚Ťi scurte, acestea sunt roadele aranjamentelor atente pe synth gears clasice. O mare parte din stilul s─âu ├«╚Öi are r─âd─âcinile ├«n fascina╚Ťia pentru estetica filmelor japoneze de arte mar╚Ťiale, care ofer─â substan╚Ť─â abord─ârii sale disciplinate: uneori se ├«nvecineaz─â cu minimalismul, dar ├«ntotdeauna cu o fereastr─â deschis─â spre s─âlb─âticie.
Cuvinte de Simon Eliasson.

├Än 2019, Eirwud Mudwasser a produs un album, sub forma unui vinil ├«n edi╚Ťie limitat─â, lansat de casa de discuri japonez─â Snaker.


Despre Diploma

Festivalul DIPLOMA reprezint─â contextul ideal pentru publicul larg de a descoperi cea mai t├ón─âr─â genera╚Ťie de arti╚Öti ╚Öi creativi din Rom├ónia ├«nainte ca ace╚Ötia s─â devin─â celebri. ├Än plus, este o oportunitate pentru creativi de a avea un prim contact cu pia╚Ťa de art─â ╚Öi cu mediul profesional la care aspir─â.


Edi╚Ťia 2019 a DIPLOMA prezint─â cele mai bune lucr─âri de absolvire ale viitoarei genera╚Ťii de arti╚Öti ╚Öi creativi, absolven╚Ťi ai tuturor facult─â╚Ťilor voca╚Ťional-creative din Rom├ónia, precum artele plastice, artele decorative, arhitectura ╚Öi designul, selectate de c─âtre un board creativ format din seniori ├«n domenii creative: arhitec╚Ťi, designeri, galeri╚Öti, manageri culturali, urbani╚Öti, fotografi, stili╚Öti, redactori, antreprenori, graficieni, profesioni╚Öti activi ╚Öi dedica╚Ťi ariei lor.



Despre feeder sound

feeder sound este o investiga╚Ťie ├«n activitatea arti╚Ötilor locali ╚Öi interna╚Ťionali, alc─âtuit─â din seturi de DJ ╚Öi melodii contemporane curatoriate cu meticulozitate ├«ntr-o colec╚Ťie de sunete care promoveaz─â recunoa╚Öterea reciproc─â ╚Öi schimbul cultural ├«ntre muzicieni din ├«ntreaga lume. Proiectul feeder sound ├«╚Öi propune s─â creeze noi oportunit─â╚Ťi de expresie artistic─â pentru tinerii muzicieni ╚Öi produc─âtori. Pe 17 Iulie am anun╚Ťat noul feeder sound OPEN CALL pentru crea╚Ťii audio pentru tineri DJ ╚Öi muzicieni / produc─âtori audio.

├Än ultimii cinci ani, ├«n fiecare vineri te invit─âm s─â ascul╚Ťi un nou episod de feeder sound podcasts. ├Än 2019, extindem dimensiunea multidisciplinar─â a proiectului, ad─âug├ónd o component─â vizual─â. Fiecare video LIVE-stream feeder sound va fi o experien╚Ť─â nou─â ╚Öi complet distinct─â. Vei avea ╚Öansa de a explora universul a doi arti╚Öti din domenii diferite, care lucreaz─â unul l├óng─â cel─âlalt ╚Öi care ├«╚Öi completeaz─â lucr─ârile reciproc.

Proiectul feeder sound este organizat de echipa Save or Cancel, compus─â din Cristina Popa (random) ╚Öi Andrei Racovi╚Ťan (ubic) prin feeder.roco-finan╚Ťat de AFCN, Aria tematic─â: Art─â digital─â ╚Öi noile media. Programul nu reprezint─â ├«n mod necesar pozi╚Ťia Administra╚Ťiei Fondului Cultural Na╚Ťional. AFCN nu este responsabil─â de con╚Ťinutul programului sau de modul ├«n care rezultatele programului pot fi folosite. Acestea sunt ├«n ├«ntregime responsabilitatea beneficiarului finan╚Ť─ârii.

Parteneri: CNDB, Zeppelin, Igloo, the Institute

Foto ╚Öi video: Petre Ghiocel / ┬ę feeder.ro

Live-stream: Vixi (4pe4.ro) / ┬ę feeder.ro


Descoper─â to╚Ťi arti╚Ötii implica╚Ťi ├«n proiectul feeder sound ╚Öi cele 4 transmisii audio-video live
DRAGUTESKU (dj set) & ERPS (live painting) – Mi 24 Iul, 18:00 – 20:00 | click aici pentru a vedea ├«nregistr─ârile video ╚Öi fotografii
OANA (dj set) & LIVI PO (live painting) – Mi 28 Aug, 18:00 – 20:00 | click aici pentru a vedea ├«nregistr─ârile video ╚Öi fotografii
ADA KALEH (dj set) KSELEQOQYNQYSHY (live painting) – Mi 25 Sep, 18:00 – 20:00 | click aici pentru a vedea ├«nregistrarea video ╚Öi fotografii
PIKTOR (dj set) & IRINA MOCANU (live painting) @ Closing Party DIPLOMA x feeder.ro – S├ó 19 Oct, 18:00 – 20:00


Viziteaz─â pagina proiectului feeder sound, EP reviews ╚Öi exclusive premiere pentru a fi la curent cu noile activit─â╚Ťi programate.

Despre The Institute
The Institute promoveaz─â industriile creative din Rom├ónia, urm─ârind s─â contribuie la modernizarea Rom├óniei. The Institute ini╚Ťiaz─â ╚Öi organizeaz─â evenimente de 20 de ani ╚Öi a construit o comunitate ce reune╚Öte antreprenori, profesioni╚Öti ╚Öi publicul industriilor creative din Rom├ónia. Prin tot ceea ce face, contribuie la construirea unei infrastructuri puternice pentru dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului creativ ├«n ╚Ťar─â, cre╚Öte ╚Öi diversific─â audien╚Ťa atelierelor, designerilor, micilor afaceri, agen╚Ťiilor ╚Öi manufacturilor, promoveaz─â antreprenorii ╚Öi profesioni╚Ötii creativi pe plan na╚Ťional ╚Öi interna╚Ťional.  Este fondator al Romanian Design Week, DIPLOMA, AdPrint, Internetics, Gala Societ─â╚Ťii Civile, Cartierul Creativ, organizator al Effie Awards Rom├ónia, ┼×coala ADC*RO ┼či ADC*RO Awards.


Despre Save or Cancel
Din 2008, Save or Cancel este un mediu de comunicare și propagare a artelor și culturii, promovând și facilitând rolul acestora în societatea contemporană.
Programele multidisciplinare auto-ini╚Ťiate de Save or Cancel au ca scop identificarea oportunit─â╚Ťilor sustenabile ╚Öi adaptabile de (re)valorizare a existentului prin proiecte de arhitectur─â, culturale ╚Öi editoriale.

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