feeder sound 70 mixed by Oana

„Self-knowledge brings happiness because enlightenment is inside each one of us.” This is what you can find if you look at the about section on Oana’s Facebook page, our guest for this episode of the feeder sound series. You can tell that she is a young artist who is constantly trying to reinvent herself and the music she makes. She has releases on Deep Square Berlin, Natural Rhythm and Ensis Black and you might also know her from this release on Dinsubsol records.

Believing in the fact that we are like strings in a violin is the philosophy that guides my life.. Strummed properly we are able to shape this reality like a magician! We are connected to music since inside our mother’s belly as she talks to us and her words become our first connection to the other side.. Sound travels beyond boundaries and guides us to the next level of our existence…

This is a rendering of my own interpretation of the frequencies that this magical universe is transmitting constantly, they are meant to guide us swiftly to a new paradigm of love…

And off we go to a new paradigm of love so prepare yourself for some deep sounds with tracks from artists such as Nu Zau, Archie Hamilton or Shcaa. Also, if you can spot it, there is a pretty interesting Villalobos & Max Loderbauer remix in there..

Oana: soundcloud // facebook
feeder sound: soundcloud // feeder.ro