feeder sound 168 mixed by Piktor

feeder sound 168 mixed by Piktor

feeder sound 168 mixed by Piktor

It‘s a sunny summer day in Bucharest and it‘s a good day to go out with your friends by a lake, seaside or in the mountains. The options for a memorable party this weekend are enormous, as you can find in the feeder calendar over 20 festivals, parties and cultural events.

If you are looking for the bright soundtrack for this extended weekend, you are in the perfect place, because on feeder sound music is here to stay. This week‘s episode, number 168, is a collection of feelings and emotions curated in a very well tailored and crafted mix by Piktor. Romanian DJ and producer Victor Pavlovschi a.k.a. Piktor lives and works in Vienna, Austria where he joined Subtil Record, together with whom he released Senin EP, at the beginning of the year the. You can hear Piktor playing alongside well-known local and international artists, and his productions got the attention and support from artists such as Barac, Arapu, Cap and many others.

“Full of dreamy pads and deep bass-lines this truly is a wonderful journey, rhythmic and without having any dull moments.” – Piktor

feeder sound 168 may contain Piktor‘s productions released at Subtil Record or the Australian record label Lokomotiv, so “listen to the beat and take a ride“.

feeder.ro is indulging your appetite for unreleased and unheard sounds from the local underground every week with a new episode of feeder sound series. Stay tuned and enjoy this captivating recording. 🔊


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