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 Barac - When we see one [UVAR010]

Last updated on June 26th, 2018 at 01:45 am

 Barac – When we see one [UVAR010]

The Romanian label Uvar records, headed by Sepp and Nu Zau, curates an interesting array of artists which all share a similar affection for hypnotic grooves and genre-defying sonic experiments. The 10th release is a doorway into another dimension with shamanic guidance from Barac, whose creative drive never ceases to amaze listeners.

You might have heard parts of this release played at different parties or festivals, and soon you‘ll have the chance to get a drop of this magical sound in your collection. A double EP containing four unique and timeless tracks. Exactly what we are all looking for when we want to have an immersive experience throughout sound.

When we see one EP opens up with A Song Written For Reny which depicts a complex dialogue composed of sounds and rhythms. If you decipher the secret code, please let us know.

On the B side, you‘ll be pleased to discover an interesting track. You just have to Maintain Eye Contact, but we can assure you that will not be so easy to do so when your body is moving and dancing on these frequencies.


Cantarea Celor 3 Tineri is been played by Barac and a few other artists since 2016. Over the internet you can find it without the vocals and at a very low rate, so don‘t even bother, and grab yourself a vinyl copy. After a small research, we find out that the album version of Cantarea Celor 3 Tineri may integrate samples of an Orthodox chorus.

Combining the sounds with topography, the first thing came through our minds when we hear Toponim were the vinyl grooves. 🙂 A very nice place on this planet, where the sounds come out in an almost perfect shape and dimension. But if you take a closer look at the covers you can imagine that Barac is actually thinking of the geographical landscapes that inspire him in his journey. Organic textures overlayed so that our eyes capture them as a single and complex image containing an infinite number of colours and elements. Exactly like Barac‘s music.

Get your copy of “When we see one” at deejay.de


Artist: Barac
Title: When we see one
Label: UVAR010
Cat. number: UVAR010
Release date: 01.06.2018
Format: vinyl only

Words by ubic


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