Something epic this time from Oneknown on Caseone

Oneknown - This Time EP [Caseone]

Oneknown – This Time EP [Caseone]

Something epic this time from Oneknown on Caseone

Oneknown is a fresh and more playful alter ego of Sepp, an influential name in the Romanian underground scene. Bajdechi Teo, by his real name, has founded alongside his friend Nu Zau the label UVAR and last year he created Catren, a label where we can find a more lyrical and organic approach to music, something that brings us to a 100% Romanian classic product, while Pelerin is his latest endeavour.

His strong connection with music opened for Sepp some very interesting doors, thus he created strong collaborations with some badass record labels like Ruere, Ada Kaleh RomaniaPleasure Zone, Curtea Veche and Rawax just to name a few. A very nuanced artist, he creates tracks under several aliases like Ban Ditman and Brind, a classical influenced and soundly crafted electronica side of his that we really enjoyed.

Newly found, the Oneknown connection brings to your ears a refreshing sound, a vibration filled with emotion and movement brought out through the intelligent synth lines and heavy baselines layered skillfully into futuristic symphonies. Caseone, an emerging label that puts very high emphasis on the sound they provide, starts off beautifully with an amazing EP – “This Time” from Oneknown, fresh out of the studios in Romania. One façade of this mysterious alter ego is shown on this record, making it already a classic one of a kind release.

Oneknown - This Time EP [Caseone]“This Time“, on side A, portrays a love story between breakbeat and micro-house tied together beautifully by the dreamy atmospheres and the strong bass, making it a heavy peak time dance-floor classic.

On Side B you have “Tomorrow’s Party” a futuristic retro sonata of synths, cheerful rolling baseline and his signature hypnotic vocals, a fantastic way of delivering sound vibrations to the ears of listeners, transforming this track into a gem like no other.


Sepp has really done justice to this new project and it’s one worth keeping our eyes wide open and our minds filled with joy for what the bright future has in store for us.


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Artist: Oneknown
Title: This Time
Label: Caseone
Cat. number: CASEONE001
Release date: 22.08.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by Oana

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