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Various Artists – Numerous Agnomens Vol. III [Aku]

Yoyaku‘s sublabel Aku returns with Numerous Agnomens Vol. III, a 2×12” Various Artists compilation featuring Audio Werner, Varhat, Barac, Shonky, Lowris and DeWalta. The Paris-based brand is well-known in the international electronic music scene functioning as a booking and management agency, record store and vinyl distributor, as well as a dedicated label with incorporated publishing platforms such as Hostom, Joule Imprint, YoY and YYY series. The team is also involved in organising showcase events and parties worldwide, inviting many talented artists to perform vibrant selections and live sets.

The previous two volumes from the VA series include tracks from the likes of Roger Gerressen, Robert David, Tripmastaz and Nu Zau, standing as a solid argument for the brand’s vision on modern house, techno and minimal music genres. Explorative and delightful, the releases they bring forward are always groovy and distinct and their rich catalogue is a proof of that fact.

Andreas Werner aka Audio Werner opens with “Something”, a deep and melodic house infused rhythm with modulated voices and bright pads in the background. A smooth and elegant ride coming from the German producer and co-founder of Hartchef Discos. Next, we find Varhat with “Hear Far Away”, a deep minimalistic composition that rolls with a strong wobbling bassline backed by glitches and micro patterns. One of the most exciting music makers and selectors in the French scene, he’s known for his releases with Mulen, Howl Records, Crocus and Polyson, aside from the works published through Yoyaku and its sublabels. Following, there’s local hero Barac with “Dreaming Awake”, a vibrant and uplifting cut designed with a multitude of colourful arpeggios and synth patterns, perfect for any dancefloor. His recent EPs on Uvar, Drumma and his own Shamandrum, as well as his solid upcoming event schedule, make him one of the most successful Romanian artists.

The co-founder of Apollonia record label Shonky drops “Aciido”, a technoid track influenced by a raw, old-school sound. The percussion has subtle breaks insertions here and there, while the synth modulations are acidic and twisted. Another groovy journey comes from Lowris who adds his “Signature” to the VA, a steaming cut emphasised by a phat bassline and eerie vocal samples. With years of experience in sound design and composition, he collaborated with labels like Minibar, Concealed Sounds, Nervmusic and his own Æternum Music. Closing, “Drift In The Void” by DeWalta returns to the warm feeling of the first track, closing the loop with a spacious sound that keeps an engaging tempo.

Various Artists - Numerous Agnomens Vol III [Aku] back

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Numerous Agnomens Vol. III
Label: Aku
Cat. number: AKUVA03
Release date: 31.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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