Misbits’ Pick: Barac / Baltazar – Drums EP

Barac / Baltazar - Drums EP

Barac / Baltazar – Drums EP [Shamandrum]

Romania’s Barac has managed to change the perspective on the electronic underground in a rather short amount of time. His long sets left permanent marks on the most remote dance floors and his productions, under Moment, his own label, or established ones like Raresh’ Metereze, turned themselves into instant evergreens, even if they were played long before release.

Shamandrum is Barac’s latest project, the label pairing up perfectly with the Romanian’s residency at Underground Ibiza this year, the party series under the same name. And what’s the best way of launching the label if not featuring a track from Barac himself?

Deep, dark and rather difficult to understand in all its subtle tones, Barac’s Povestea Lui Teofan is a slow-paced tribal chant, cut with distorted voices and disturbed horror soundscapes. On the flipside, Spain’s Baltazar takes the minimal drumming sequencing further on: Viento En Popa techno blood is pumped up through the listeners’ veins, aided by melodic accents melted in acid house memories.

Aiming to reveal a different more drum-centric alter ego of Barac, Shamandrum sets sails with a 2 tracker that would definitely please the most pretentious dance floor ears.

Barac / Baltazar – Drums EP is still available at Misbits Record Shop, you can grab your copy from here

Artist:Barac / Baltazar
Title: Drums EP
Label: Shamandrum
Release date: 16.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


words by: Vixi

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